Students who enroll in master’s programs in tourism and hospitality management have the chance to learn about the relationships between culture, resources, and tourism. The MTHM program’s objective is to give students an understanding of the inner workings of business in order to position them for career growth in their profession. 

You can learn everything you need to know about MTHM degree programs here. This includes what they are, who may enroll in them, and how long they last. In this post, we’ll discuss the Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Australia, Canada, and India.

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Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Australia

Below is a list of the master of tourism and hospitality management in Australia to advance your career.

#1. The University of Technology Sydney (Event Management)

This is one of the schools that offers a master in tourism and hospitality management in Australia. The University of Technology Sydney’s Graduate Diploma in Event Management offers a thorough overview of the events business. Also, it is designed to give graduates the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute significantly to the planning and execution of public, corporate, and other event types.

#2. Torrens University Australia (International Hotel Management)

Private university Torrens is a member of the Laureate International Universities. Over 1 million students attend its 70 authorized colleges and higher education institutions, making it the largest global network in existence. Through its vertical framework, Torrens also provides courses in five areas of study: business, design, health, hospitality, and education.

#3. Bond University (International Hotel and Tourism Management)

The International Hotel and Tourism Management program at Bond University will get you ready for management and professional jobs in the tourism sector. It does this by putting you through your coursework in this “living laboratory.” In addition to this, there are also events, airlines, restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, hotels, and other lodging facilities.

#4. Griffith University (International Tourism and Hospitality Management)

Graduates who complete the Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management program are better prepared to take the next step in their hotel and tourism careers. The development of sophisticated commercial acumen, strategic insight, high-level management abilities, and specialized industry knowledge—all underpinned by sustainability guides—are among the talents necessary for graduates seeking managerial positions.

Your ability to operate in a context with a diverse population will help you advance your basic business skills in areas such as marketing, hospitality management, and financial planning. After graduating, you will become a self-assured leader. Similarly, you will be aware of the various problems and difficulties that the international travel and hospitality sector faces.

Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Canada

Below is a list of the master programs in tourism and hospitality management in Canada for better knowledge in your career.

#1. Fairleigh Dickson University (Master of Science in Hospitality Management)

The 33-credit Master of Science in Hospitality Management program is designed to address the educational needs of working managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and other professionals in business and industry. It is intended to offer a flexible yet challenging academic program of study for hospitality management that satisfies the standards for a professional master’s degree.

Moreover, the degree program develops analytical, managerial, and leadership competencies. And also will give graduates the necessary training for career progression in many hospitality-related professional fields for working people looking to upgrade their professional skills to advance their professions.

#2. Royal Roads University (Master of Arts in Tourism Management)

This is also one of the schools that offers a master in tourism and hospitality management in Canada. The Master of Arts in Tourist Management (MATM) program was created to provide driven leaders and entrepreneurs with the advanced knowledge they need to lead and adapt to change in the global tourism sector. The curriculum lasts for two years and has two delivery options: on-campus or blended.

Additionally, students will gain knowledge about analyzing creative approaches to sustainable tourism, creating efficient marketing and development strategies for destinations, learning about contingency planning and disaster management, practising corporate leadership skills, comprehending policy planning, exploring the history and cultures of tourist destinations, and building personal resilience and strong community collaboration within their learning environment.

#3. Seneca College (Global Hospitality Business Development)

Seneca is committed to providing excellent student experiences that foster both inside and outside classroom learning. This includes options for work term and field placements, studying abroad, and other experiences that can help you when you pursue further education or enter the workforce.

#4. Vancouver Community College (Hospitality Management)

The Vancouver Community College Hospitality Management program teaches operational and managerial abilities that are suitable for leadership positions in the international hospitality and tourism sectors.

#5. Fanshawe College (Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management)

With Fanshawe College’s Hospitality and Tourist Operations Management degree, you may advance your career in hospitality and tourism management. Students who complete this program successfully can be qualified to apply for a three-year work permit in Canada.

Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management in India

Below is a list of the master of tourism and hospitality management in India to advance your career.

#1. Jamia Millia Islamia (Tourism and Travel Management)

Jamia Millia Islamia, a 1920 institution first founded in Aligarh, United Provinces, India, became a central university in 1988 as a result of a law passed by the Indian Parliament. Besides, Jamia and Millia are the terms for universities and nations, respectively, in Urdu.

#2. Alagappa University (Tourism Management)

The MBA program in tourist management at Alagappa University was created to fulfill the industry’s growing need for qualified and experienced managers.

#3. Jamia Millia Islamia (Hotel Management)

This is also one of the schools that offers a master in tourism and hospitality management in India. The goal of this hotel management course at Jamia Millia Islamia is to help students become more capable of challenging, analyzing, as well as interpreting hospitality-related issues, with a focus on sector-specific concerns. The ability to start their own firms would also be given to learners.

Is Australia Good for Hospitality Management?

Australia provides degrees and courses in hospitality management at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Additionally, these degrees have been accredited by accrediting bodies at the highest level. Thus, the caliber of degrees may be ensured.

Can Hospitality Students Work Full Time in Australia?

Australian law now permits international students to work a full-time schedule without violating Condition 8105. The Australian government made this adjustment in order to assist the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors, which have been particularly badly struck by the pandemic.

Is Canada Good for Hospitality Management?

Employers in Canada place a high value on graduates with master’s degrees in hospitality management. With more than 1.8 million employees, the hotel and tourism sector is one of Canada’s top employers and contributes significantly to the nation’s sustained economic growth.

Why Canada is Best for Hospitality Management?

Because of the high quality of education provided by the Canadian educational system. Also, with the goal of the majority of Canadian universities to offer opportunities that enhance students’ learning, careers, and lives, Canadian universities are the best places to pursue a degree in hospitality and management.


The master of tourism and hospitality management is an excellent choice for business owners and managers interested in growing their hospitality and tourism firms and helping others do the same. The program is also ideal for those who have already started their own business or are looking to grow their current business into a much larger firm. It is also a great choice for those who want to advance their career in the hospitality and tourism industry, or go on to a related field.

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