outdoor adventures in norway

One of the few places in the world where you can have a close touch with nature in a forest that was originally only partially civilized is Norway. Norway is the ultimate outdoor adventure destination in Europe because of its wildness, mountains, and fjord-indented coastline, as well as the culture of Friluftsliv (outdoor life), which holds that returning to nature is like going home. Norwegians love the outdoors and have access to timber cabins for outdoor adventures.

All year long, Norway has an abundance of amazing outdoor adventures to offer. You can go hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, skiing, and enjoying protected areas and hiking paths. In this article, find out the most popular outdoor adventures in Norway.

#1. Hiking Trolltunga

outdoor adventures in Norway
Credit: Trolltunga

There are other cliffs to trek in Norway, but the most famous and amazing is Trolltunga. The “Troll’s Tongue” hanging cliff extends out of the rock structure at a remarkable 2297 feet above sea level. Tourists and hikers go to the cliff to take in the breathtaking views of Lake Ringedalsvatnet and the surrounding mountains.

The hike is 22 kilometers round trip and takes about 11 hours to accomplish. Despite the difficulty of the hike, the view from the famous edge is breathtakingly stunning and must be seen to be understood. The hike is best done between mid-June and mid-September.

One of the best outdoor adventures in Norway is to hike in the amazing Trolltunga. Temperatures vary, and it will become extremely chilly during the hike, so dress warmly, wear strong shoes, and bring a map, flashlight, and other essentials.

#2. Summer Skiing in Stryn

outdoor adventures in Norway
Credit: TripAdvisor

Summertime skiing? Of course, Norway is the perfect location to practice it given that the sport originated there. Think shorts, T-shirts, and chilled drinks in the sun instead of freezing cold and bulky layers. Stryn boasts the greatest slopes, the best off-piste (tracks other than the normal ski runs), greater alternatives, and even a terrain park compared to other summer ski resorts in Norway.

Depending on how hot it is throughout the summer, the summer ski season begins around the end of May and concludes in late July or early August.

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#3. Dog Sledding

outdoor adventures in Norway
Credit: Viator

Northern Norway has a long history of dog sled racing, which is a popular sport there. You will be able to operate a dog sled after only a brief lesson from an expert driver! You’ll fly across the snow-covered countryside, including rock formations, woodlands, and more, pulled by a pack of enthusiastic huskies.

Many organizers add a visit to the best places to see the Northern Lights to the sled trip. The finest window of opportunity to catch a glimpse of the popular Northern Lights is from mid-November to April. By the way, this is the best time of year to practice dog sledding. In addition to the quick trips, weeklong dog sled “adventures” are also offered. You’ll be spending the nights in mountain huts in front of cozy fires.

#4. Wildlife Safaris

Outdoor adventures in Norway
Credit: World Expeditions

Despite its harsh climate and varied topography, Norway is home to numerous rare animal and bird species. Huge king crabs, whales, arctic foxes, musk oxen, and other animals can be found in their native habitats throughout Norway’s many areas. Take one of the numerous available guided safaris to see Norway’s incredible wildlife and take in the magnificent landscapes.

Catch enormous king crabs by diving into the cold seas of Finnmark; observe hairy musk oxen in the Dovrefjell mountains; and observe huge whales in Andenes off the coast of Vesteralen. With any luck, you might even see the stunning but highly threatened Arctic fox.

#5. Conquer the Snowmobile Tracks

Credit: TripAdvisor

Nothing compares to riding a snowmobile (or snow scooter, as they are known in Norway) if you wish to zoom around the slopes and tracks coated in snow like a super spy. The difficult terrain you couldn’t cross on foot becomes simple to navigate when using a snow scooter. Enjoy the stunning vistas in front of you by stopping at the viewpoint of your choice. On a snow scooter, you may find excellent locations to view the Northern Lights. Wow, it sounds exciting.

If you intend to rent and use a snow bike in Norway, you must adhere to a number of regulations. Snow scooters are also subject to the same drunk-driving rules as other vehicles and require a valid driver’s license.

Explore Norway’s extensive network of paths by going on a snow scooter safari. The process involves an in-depth safety inspection by the organizers, followed by some fundamental instructions and scooter tuition. The snow scooter and the snowy tracks are all that remain after that. There will be breaks for refreshments and photo opportunities. Just be sure to close the gun ports on your snow scooter.

#6. Whitewater Rafting

Credit: TripAdvisor

Whitewater rafting is a must-do activity in Norway due to the country’s rapids and swift rivers. The most well-known location in Norway to try this exciting outdoor adventure sport is the Sjoa River. However, rafting destinations are spread out across the nation.

Always use a reputable rafting company, with safety being your top priority. You will get wet, so bring warm, dry clothes for after the course. It is possible to take classes that range in difficulty, but doing so has age constraints and physical demands.

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#7. Kayaking the Fjords

Credit: Viator

Kayaking is a popular pastime among both visitors and locals in Norway because of the country’s stunning fjords, rivers, and waterways. It is an enjoyable and peaceful way to take in the magnificent sights. You have a wide selection of available guided kayaking tours.

When you are outside in the weather, it really hits you. Norway’s Fjord Region almost appears to be designed specifically for kayaking. These are the shallow straits and channels that other small boats are afraid of crossing, as well as the multitude of little islands, reefs, and islets that make sailing enjoyable. The west coast’s easy access to significant intersections makes it an excellent location for weekend getaways, quick vacations, or little expeditions.

Along the kayak route, you’ll pass by small islands, reefs, and other beautiful natural features while paddling through narrow channels, shallow straits, and other similar areas. The kayak is the best choice for exploring areas of the fjord and the sea that larger boats cannot access because of its ease of movement.

#8. Train Ride: The Flam Railway

Credit: Discover the World

The railway is regarded as one of Norway’s most exciting and important tourist destinations, and the train ride offers some of the wildest and most breathtaking scenery in the nation. You can view rivers cutting through deep gorges, waterfalls falling down the sides of steep, snow-capped mountains, and mountain farms clinging precariously to vertical slopes on the 20 km-long train ride that runs between Myrdal and Flam. 

The Flam Railway (Flamsbana) gives a magnificent perspective of some of the wildest and most beautiful natural scenery in the Norwegian fjord region. The 20-kilometer train journey, one of the highest standard-gauge railway lines in the world, took 20 years to complete.

The stunning Kjosfossen waterfall is the site of a photo stop for the Flam Railway. It is simply amazing to see the winding tunnels that weave in and out of the mountain, which is a testimony to the most daring and expert engineering in Norwegian railway history. The Sognefjord, which is 204 kilometers long and up to 1308 meters deep, has an arm called the Aurlandsfjord, where the small, lovely settlement of Flam is located.

#9. Arctic Cathedral Tour

Credit: Life in Norway

One of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations is the Arctic Cathedral. The cathedral’s beauty is astonishing and magnificent, and it is known for its perplexing and unique construction. The church was built to look as though it were made of ice, and in the winter, when the entire massive structure is surrounded by a coating of snow, it just looks breathtaking. One of the outdoor adventures in Norway during the winter is to tour the cathedral. 

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#10. Akershus Castle Tour

Credit: Every Castle

The late 13th century saw the construction of this magnificent castle. There are many wonders in this magnificent piece of construction. A wonderful collection of treasures and artifacts may be found in the ethereal castle. This magnificent castle, which is located in the center of Oslo, is an outstanding example of Norwegian military construction. Around the fortress, there are great shops and museums where one can spend time with their family.

#11. Geirangerfjord

Credit: TripAdvisor

The Geirangerfjord region is a breathtakingly lovely and divine landscape found in Norway’s Fjord network. This location is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its magnificent natural beauty. This location is picture-perfect because of the views of the stunning mountain range covered in snow, the valley, the magnificent body of water, and the lush landscape. One of the best outdoor adventures in Norway is to take a tour of this location.

#12. Ferry Ride

Credit: TripAdvisor

Norway boasts attractive coastal towns and ferry routes. Another fantastic way to travel in this breathtakingly beautiful nation is via cruise ship or ferry. One of the best ways to discover Norway’s magnificent fjords is by ferry. The breathtaking fjords in Norway will make your ferry rides stunning and enthralling. One of the most entertaining outdoor adventures in Norway is taking a ferry.

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#13. Munch Museum Tour

Credit: Forbes

Edvard Munch, a well-known artist, is honored with the name of this magnificent museum. There are about 1200 artworks in this lovely location. Awe-inspiring stone sculptures, ancient stones, and stone carvings are among the museum’s excellent collection of artworks, which also contains some well-known paintings and sketches. This location is a must-see, especially if you love art.

#14. Witness The Northern Lights

Credit: Travel Triangle

Being able to see the aurora must be at the top of your list of unusual things to do in Norway. Norway is well known for its breathtaking Northern Lights, and from November to March, when most tourists are there, one has the best opportunity to see them. Therefore, seeing the Northern Lights should be at the top of your list of things to do in Norway in December.

#15. Atlantic Ocean Road Trip

Credit: Culture Trip

The world’s only route of its kind, the Atlantic Ocean route is incredibly beautiful. This route is built along the Atlantic coast and provides views of stunning natural scenery and spectacular vistas. The route runs through picturesque, tranquil villages, fisheries, breathtakingly gorgeous old churches, and breathtaking vistas. In light of the fact that it is unquestionably among the top outdoor adventures in Norway, add this road trip to your list.

Best Time to Visit Norway

A Month-by-month Guide to Visiting Norway

  • Make sure you dress warmly if you’re planning to visit Norway in January or February, especially if you’re going to the cross-country ski trails or looking for the Northern Lights. The beginning of the year is very chilly and gloomy in Norway, even on the southwest coast of Bergen.
  • The best time to visit Norway is in March when the number of daylight hours and snowfall in the ski resorts are at their highest. As April gives way to May, you’ll notice a wealth of wildflowers and blossoms in the country meadows, as well as a decent quantity of slippery snow underfoot.
  • The warmest months with the longest daylight hours are June, July, and August. Travel to Norway is popular during this summer season, and often the higher prices reflect that.
  • As Norway switches between summer and winter, with many outdoor attractions starting to close their doors as snow and severe winds arrive, prices start to drop after the mid-September and mid-October school breaks.
  • With the exception of snow clouds building up over higher terrain and the Northern Lights beginning to react to the weather, November days are chilly and dark. With snowfall, frozen lakes, and Christmas celebrations lighting up Norway like the traditional pine, December is really when things start to look gorgeous.

What Makes Norway So Rich?

Norway has a highly advanced mixed economy with government ownership in key sectors. The Norwegian economy has grown strongly since the dawn of the industrial period, despite being subject to fluctuations in the global economy. In comparison to other European nations, the nation enjoys a fairly high standard of living and a tightly-knit welfare system. A financial reserve created by the exploitation of natural resources, particularly North Sea oil, is essential to Norway’s modern industrial and welfare systems.

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