TOP SKI RESORTS IN NORWAY: 12 Top-Rated Ski Resorts


Norway is definitely an interesting destination to visit, despite its reputation for being somewhat pricey. 5.4 million people live there, spread out over a nation that is more than a third the size of the UK. It’s common to bring up France, Switzerland, and Italy while discussing the top ski resorts in Europe. Though the Scandinavian nation has a lot to offer, Norway is less so. Norway has a well-deserved reputation for being an expensive destination. The majority of top-notch Ski resorts in Europe are in Norway. But in most of Europe, a skiing vacation is pretty expensive. The slopes in Norway are relatively affordable, and best of all, they are much calmer than those on the continent.

These are the top ski resorts in Norway, with snow-covered mountaintops and glacial fjords among their backdrops.

#1. Trysil

Top ski resorts in norway

Trysil, which has 68 slopes and 31 lifts, is the biggest and one of the top ski resorts in Norway. This ski resort unites three independent communities with a cruisey network of green and blue runs, with the Trysilfjellet peak at its center. Advanced snowboarders and skiers should visit Hgegga for the most difficult blacks. Due to Trysil’s proximity to the Swedish border and location in Hedmark County’s Sterdalen region, many people travel across the border to ski here. Stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel at the base of the mountain, which features an indoor Flow Rider surf pool for thrill-seekers.

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#2. Hafjell

top ski resorts in norway
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The 1994 Winter Olympics were successfully held in Norway at nearby Lillehammer. On the slopes of Hafjell, several downhill ski competitions were conducted. It is currently Norway’s third-largest ski resort. Along with multiple terrain parks and 47 kilometers (29 miles) of ski slopes, they also have a feature called SkiMovie, which is a slope with automatic timing and camera equipment to capture every success (and failure). If you enjoy visiting parks, Hafjell has three: Front Yard for young children, Back Yard for those who are a little older, and Main Park, where skilled riders can try the huge line.

#3. Rauland

top ski resorts in norway
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Rauland Skisenter, which lies in West-Telemark, has three interconnected ski areas: Tiur, Holtardalen, and Vierli. You can get around with the help of a free ski bus and a single ski pass that covers all three. There are 41 pistes totaling 20 kilometers (12 miles) to be explored. Rauland has some of Norway’s steepest terrain, making it a good place for adventurous riders to explore off-piste. Additionally, kite-skiing, which is similar to kitesurfing but done on snow, is taught here. A milder experience can be had by skating down one of the 150km (93 mi) of cross-country ski paths while taking in the view of the snow-covered trees.

#4. Geilo

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Geilo, a town in southern Norway halfway between Oslo and Bergen, is home to one of the nation’s oldest ski areas and has a long-standing heritage. This is a fantastic vacation spot for families, with 37 slopes that vary from easy to black diamond (the mountain’s most difficult). It extends across a valley and offers views of the Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda national parks, as well as the cold Usted Dalsfjorden. Geilo consistently makes more financial investments in this ski resort; just last year, they upgraded the kids’ area, made improvements to the snow park, and added new lifts. It’s understandable why it got the title of best ski resort in Norway at the 2019 World Ski Awards.

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#5. Norefjell

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Norefjell, which was about a 1.5-hour drive from Oslo, served as the venue for the 1952 Winter Olympics’ alpine skiing competitions. With Northern Europe’s biggest vertical plunge at 1,010m (3,445ft), you might be fortunate enough to see a dawn inversion over the valley. There are six eateries, 30 slopes, and 14 lifts in addition to a busy ski school. When you’re done with the hill, visit the spa, which has an award-winning sauna, steam room, and swimming pool as well as a 16-meter (52-foot) climbing wall for days when the weather is terrible.

#6. Skeikampen 

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Skeikampen, which is only 35 minutes from Lillehammer, has been a popular cross-country skiing destination since 1895, however, the resort’s first ski lift wasn’t constructed there until 1959. While the majority of the 21 downhill slopes are designed for beginners and intermediate skiers, there is a kids’ area with two magic carpet lifts and two grill huts to warm up around that is 3,000 square meters (32,290 square feet) in size. Cross-country skiing enthusiasts should head to Skeikampen. There is a vast network of routes to explore between mountains and forests from October to May. It serves as the backdrop for the Peer Gynt play by renowned Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

#7. Hemsedal

The Scandinavian Alps exist, did you know that? Hemsedal has the highest lift-served slopes in all of Scandinavia, despite the fact that the word isn’t really official. The jagged Hallingdal mountain slopes reach up to 1,500 meters (4,920 feet) but don’t worry, there’s a lift. The largest children’s ski area in Norway is here, along with more than 50 different slopes to select from.

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#8. Oslo Vinterpark

Oslo Vinterpark earns points for its location, even though it is smaller than the majority of the other ski resorts on the list and is only a short subway journey from Oslo. A total of 18 slopes with varying degrees of challenge, as well as a snowboarding superpipe. The 2012 World Snowboarding Championships (WSC) were held at Oslo Vinterpark.

#9. Myrkdalen 

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Are you one of those people who can never decide whether to go on a beach or a mountain vacation? You’ll be happy to learn that Myrkdalen lies near Sognefjord in West Norway, so even if you grow tired of skiing, there are plenty of other activities to choose from. You won’t likely get tired of skiing because Myrkdalen boasts 22 slopes for all skill levels and some excellent off-piste terrain.

#10. Voss

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Only a 90-minute drive or rail ride separates Voss ski resort from nearby Bergen. Over 40 kilometers of slopes, 11 lifts, including a brand-new gondola, and easy access from the town center are all features of the ski resort. Voss is the ideal ski resort for first-time skiers learning the sport. with three zones specifically designated for beginners and young skiers. There are two snowparks for daredevils to display their freestyle prowess.

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#11. Kvitfjell 


Kvitfjell, one of the top ski resorts in Norway, is located 30 minutes farther north than Lillehammer. During the Alpine World Cup of Skiing race system, where the top skiers in the world compete in Super G and Downhill competitions, it is a frequent stop. 39km of slopes are available for skiing, and there are runs for skiers of all skill levels. 600 km of cross-country skiing trails are available for your enjoyment as well. A snow park is also present, featuring 12 rails and boxes with 8 jumps.

#12. Hovden 

Hovden is situated in the Setesdal Valley in Aust-Agder County. With more than 30 slopes, you can ski down more than 30 kilometers (19 miles) of terrain, making it the biggest ski resort in southern Norway. The Alpine resort is also home to a ton of unique events.

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Where Are Ski Resorts in Norway?

If you’ve never traveled to Norway, you might believe that the ski resorts are located in the country’s north. Although there are ski slopes all around Norway, the best ones are concentrated in the southernmost, most mountainous region of the nation. In Norway, there are many more slopes for skiing than we can possibly list in one post. Your skiing trip can be made or broken by choosing the correct resort.

So it’s always essential to do some homework, whether you’re searching for nice chalets or the greatest après-ski activities. Don’t focus solely on the cost. Think about the quantity and quality of slopes and lifts, off-piste possibilities, terrain parks, lodging options, and food options. If you’re traveling with children, pay close attention to the children’s amenities, as they can differ greatly.

Is it Expensive to Ski in Norway?

Norway has a well-deserved reputation for being an expensive destination. But in most of Europe, a skiing vacation is pretty expensive. The slopes in Norway are relatively affordable, and best of all, they are much calmer than those on the continent.

What is the Ski Capital of Norway?

As it happens, Oslo, Norway, the capital of the nation regarded as the Birthplace of Skiing, is the only capital city in the world with truly excellent downhill skiing.

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