In the Mountain West region of the Western United States, Utah is a borderland state. It shares borders with Colorado to the east, Wyoming to the northeast, Idaho to the north, Arizona to the south, and Nevada to the west. Utah is also the eleventh-least densely inhabited of the fifty states in the United States and the thirteenth-largest by area, with a population of over three million. The Wasatch Front is in the state’s north-central region, which is home to more than two-thirds of the population. It also includes Salt Lake City as its capital and Washington County in the southwest. Going further, there are a lot of top tourist attractions in Utah including skilling destinations and Mormon communities with beautiful national parks. If you are planning a vacation in Utah, there is something for everyone. Read further to explore the top tourist attractions in Utah. 

#1. Zion National Park

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One of the Top Tourist Attractions in Utah is Zion National Park. Less than three hours from Las Vegas, Zion National Park has some of Utah’s most breathtaking scenery. Some of the main draws are red sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, which follows the valley floor, is also home to many of the park’s most magnificent sights. A sightseeing bus runs along this route across the park from spring to fall, stopping at all the important locations and trailheads. This makes exploring the park really easy.

You can as well, use your own vehicle to travel this route in the winter. Another must-do drive is the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway, which runs east-west through the park. The lookouts along this self-drive route provide breathtaking views as you travel high above the valley. 

#2. Bryce Canyon National Park

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One of the top things to do in Southern Utah is without a doubt a visit to the stunning Bryce Canyon National Park, which is a must-see destination for anybody traveling to Utah. Among the many activities accessible in this area are hiking through the Bryce Amphitheater and day trips to the Grand Canyon from one of America’s top campgrounds. The best way to appreciate Bryce Canyon National Park is to camp there and go hiking. You can also see why Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in Utah by visiting it. It doesn’t matter if you travel alone or with your family this will undoubtedly become one of your favorite Utah attractions.

The most amazing place to visit is Bryce Canyon National Park. For all skill levels and interests, it offers a variety of pathways and hikes, some of which are wheelchair accessible. With such a wide range of animals and flowers, it is difficult not to understand why this is such a special place to visit. Without a doubt, the natural splendor of Utah will astound you at Bryce Canyon.

#3. Arches National Park

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Nearby Moab, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and mountain bikers, is where you will find Arches National Park. The park is accessible through a winding road with breathtaking views and is significantly higher than the town. There are a number of additional beautiful parks nearby, as well as a wide selection of top-notch campgrounds. This is one of Utah’s most beautiful parks thanks to its magnificent stone arches.

Prior to undulating petrified dunes, which have their frames by the La Sal Mountains’ frequently snow-capped summits. More than 2,000 naturally occurring stone arches can be seen at Arches National Park. The Delicate Arch, which stands like a horseshoe protruding from the ground and frames the distant mountains, is the most well-known and frequently photographed of these structures.

The most well-known arches and other fascinating rock formations are accessible via a variety of hiking and walking trails. But many of the major sights are visible from the park’s beautiful routes and are close to the parking sites. Thus, the Devil’s Garden, Delicate Arch, Fiery Furnace, Double Arch, Park Avenue, Balanced Rock, the Windows, Broken Arch, and Sandstone Arch are the best attractions in the park.

#4. Park City

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The Top Tourist Attractions in Salt Lake City Airport is roughly an hour and a half’s drive from Park City, a lovely town in Utah. It is regarded as one of the top ski areas in the world and is famous for having hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. At the Utah Olympic Park, which is located right in Park City, you can as well, view some of the history and remarkable moments from the games. When skiers and other snowsport lovers go to the Park City Mountain Resort slopes in the winter, the city comes alive.

With beautiful weather and fewer visitors, the summer is a fantastic time to travel to Utah. Although, fishing, motorcycling, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, river rafting, swimming, and golf are among the summertime pastimes. A ride on an exhilarating bobsled down the Olympic Sliding Centre.

Made famous in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, is one of the numerous thrilling activities available in Salt Lake City. When mountain bikers descend the mountaintop in Park City throughout the summer, you can watch them or participate yourself. However, plan your vacation early to secure the best hotel rooms that won’t blow your budget, as this is one of the top sites to visit in Utah and is close to downtown Salt Lake City. 

#5. Canyonlands National Park

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Without the crowds, Utah’s Canyonlands National Park is the equivalent of the Grand Canyon. Three different areas make up the park, but Island in the Sky is the one that draws the most visitors. This region offers breathtaking views of the cut canyons and snow-capped mountains beyond. In some ways, it is just as stunning as the Grand Canyon but much less well-known. Mesa Arch is one of Island in the Sky’s key draws. This spectacular stone arch creates a window to the canyons, buttes, and ravaged terrain below, which is especially stunning in the early morning or late afternoon.

The White Rim Road, which descends from the park to the valley below, is another significant feature of this area. Across the street from the Island in the Sky Visitors Center, visitors can see the White Rim Road. In essence, Moab is not far from the Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands. Beyond Arches National Park, use Highway 191 North to get to the main entry point. 

#6. Snow Canyon State Park

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Snow Canyon State Park in Utah was created throughout time using the red and white Navajo sandstone of the Red Mountains. It is stunning in other words the ideal setting for a wide range of outdoor adventures. This state park is also situated in southwest Utah, not far from the big city of St. George. You won’t quickly forget your experience once you visit the park and its network of approved routes, whether you decide to go biking or hiking or just unwind in the peaceful campground surrounded by ancient lava flows. If you are making the trip from Las Vegas to Zion National Park to state your desire for the great outdoors, this state park is a terrific pit stop.

Along with its stunning canyon, the area’s extinct cinder cones, lava tubes, lava flows, and sand dunes offer visitors a ton of exciting activities. The park has the names of Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, early pioneers of Utah. This Utah state park offers opportunities for technical rock climbing, walking, and equestrian riding in addition to 16 miles of hiking trails.

#7. Dinosaur National Monument

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One of the top tourist attractions in Utah is this Dinosaur National Monument. Dinosaur National Monument came onboard in 1915 to preserve the best petroglyphs, pictographs, and archeological sites from these prehistoric societies. Indeed, visitors can participate in a range of activities, including cycling, hiking, rafting, and camping. Numerous prehistoric sites in Dinosaur National Monument have been given cultural and historical value by the UNESCO World History Center.

These cultural heritage sites, which have been honored for their remarkable testimony, provide the finest evidence on the prehuman evolution of this Northern part of America. Thousands of dinosaur bones that have been preserved and date back more than 160 million years can be found in Dinosaur National Monument. Although, early or late summer is the ideal time to explore this national landmark.

#8. Salt Lake City Temple

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Salt Lake City is frequently linked with skiing and other winter sports, it is undoubtedly possible to travel an hour or less to many of the state’s top ski slopes. Although there are many sights and activities to do in this city, it is worth visiting year-round. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the greatest church through a major landmark in Salt Lake City. The late 19th-century Temple is situated on Temple Square. Only church members are allowed inside the temple, but it’s worth stopping by to take a look anyway. The Salt Lake Tabernacle is another location in the area that’s worthwhile visiting. Various long-term projects to renovate and revitalize the entire complex are currently underway.

#9. Mystics Hot Springs, Utah

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A natural swimming hole called Mystic Hot Springs can be seen in Utah’s Sanpete County. It is still a top choice for people who wish to relax and enjoy the constant beauty of the natural hot spring water. It’s also regarded as one of Utah’s top hot springs to visit. With hot springs that are difficult to find elsewhere in the nation, Mystic Hot Springs offers a distinctive experience. A bath in one of the pools is perhaps one of the nicest things to do at Mystic Hot Springs, but there are also other activities available, such as hiking on some of the paths and watching the local wildlife.

The night sky viewing options are helpful for those who come to the springs to enjoy an evening. The best time to go is in the spring when temperatures are softer and streams are running high. After a strenuous day or week of hiking in Monument Valley or Canyonlands National Park, these hot springs are a wonderful place to rest.

#10. Hole N” The Rock

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Hole ‘N’ One of Utah’s most well-liked tourist destinations is The Rock, also referred to as Hole-in-the-Rock. Since it was built, this building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has a stand as a silent witness to the Mormon pioneers’ devotion. The Hole ‘N’ The Rock is 55.5 miles long, beginning from Highway 12 on Utah’s southeast frontier and ending at the cliff overlooking Lake Powell’s Register Rock.

The huge rocks that makeup Hole ‘N’ The Rock have its root in Utah’s Canyonlands. It is a beautiful place full of adventures. The well-maintained road makes the first 15 miles of the trip to Hole ‘N’ The Rock smooth. However, due to the road being hard, and severely sloped for the final 40 miles, it is necessary to drive cautiously.

#11. Dead Horse Point State Park

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One of Utah’s best lookouts is found in Dead Horse Point State Park, which is close to Moab. The major vantage point overlooks the Colorado River’s gooseneck as it cuts through the vibrant surroundings. The horizon is full of plateaus of varied heights and cliff walls rising 2,000 feet. The Potash Road follows a ledge on a land shelf below the viewpoint. Along this road, on the left, you can as well, view Thelma and Louise Point, the location where the movie Thelma and Louise’s climactic sequence was shot. Walking along the rim’s walking track is the greatest way to experience Dead Horse Point State Park’s vistas.

#12. Gilgal Sculpture Garden

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In the heart of Salt Lake City, at 749 East 500 South, is the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. Gilgal Sculpture comes from and has its building by Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. in the middle of the 20th century. Over 70 stones in the garden have more than 70 engravings on them, including poems, philosophical texts, and twelve large original sculptures.

The Sphinx, which also shows the face of Joseph Smith, the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as rough stones that resemble a crouching body, is the most well-known work of art in the garden. Each represents a concept that the child believed to be accurate throughout his life. Hence, the sculptures and stones forge a unique piece of art a significant landscape. One of the most significant artistic breakthroughs of all time.

#13. Utah Ski Resort

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If you enjoy skiing and haven’t traveled to Utah, you should. Utah has some excellent ski resorts, but Colorado and California frequently steal the show. The quantity of snow that falls in Utah each year is surprisingly high. Well, it is light and fluffy, which makes powder days even more fantastic. Fun fact: Utah is home to the biggest ski resort in the United States, an hour from Salt Lake City you will find many of the top resorts, including Snowbird, Alta, Solitude, Brighton, the Little Cottonwood Canyon, and Big Cottonwood Canyon. Up near Park City is where Deer Valley Park City Resort is situated. 

What Is Utah Most Famous For?

The Top Tourist Attractions in Utah include the following:

  • Lake salt
  • Mormons
  • Utah national park
  • Skilling 
  • beehives

Why Do People Visit Utah?

A lot of people visit Utah because of its beautiful tourist attractions. Hikers enjoy coming due to the various trails they perform, the national parks, and so on.

What Are the Cities in Utah?

  • Salt lake city
  • West valley city
  • Oak city
  • West Jordan

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