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personal travel management in burnaby and vancouver

Making personal travel plans can be stressful and time-consuming. However, with the help of personal travel management, you can reduce stress, anxiety, and time-wasting. It also boosts your creativity and makes your travel experience amazing. Here we have gathered useful information to help you with making your personal travel plans. Read on to find out more about personal travel management in Vancouver and Burnaby.

What Is Personal Travel?

Personal travel is international travel made for purposes other than business or academic pursuits with a university. Personal travel includes excursions, outings to see friends and family, and other pursuits before or after study abroad programs.

What Is the Meaning of Travel Management?

Travel management involves tracking employee expenses for meals, lodging, ground transportation, and other necessities while also securing the best rates for business travel.

What Is Personal Travel Management?

The term “personal travel management” refers to the purchasing of goods and services by tourists visiting another country for non-business-related reasons, such as vacations, taking part in cultural and recreational activities, visiting friends and family, making a pilgrimage, and also for reasons related to education or health. Health-related Expenditure, Education-Related Expenditure, and Other Personal Travel are the three subcomponents of personal travel management. Personal Travel Management also have the best experience to help you plan your next trip with branches in Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Whistler and 26 travel experts spread across Alberta and British Columbia. 

Personal Travel Management Vancouver

With 26 travel industry experts spread across Alberta and British Columbia, Personal Travel Management is an independent travel agency with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, the personal travel management teams truly have visited numerous countries and regions of the world, bringing to you, the traveler, firsthand knowledge of their experiences and knowledge, ensuring that your trip will leave you with enduring memories.

With reservations for hotels, cars, cruises, and escapes for leisure, business, or group travelers, Personal Travel Management also offers a wide range of local, Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Whistler, North American, and international travel assistance and planning services.

A personal travel management manager will make your trip a wonderful experience, whether you’re organizing an annual vacation, a bucket list vacation, or your upcoming business trip. With personal travel management managers having on average over 20 years of travel experience each, they will take care of all your travel arrangements and provide that insider information to save you time and create a trip that is amazing just for you.

Who Is a Travel Manager?

A personal travel manager is there to assist you in achieving a specific objective in your area of expertise, much like a personal trainer or financial planner would. In this case, it’s travel. Your travel manager will work closely with you to design a trip that is as unique as you are, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Personal Travel Management Burnaby

An independent travel agency called Personal Travel Management was founded in Burnaby, British Columbia. They have host about 29 travel industry professionals in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Personal travel management Burnaby has travel experts working in our Calgary, Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Whistler branches. Personal Travel Management Burnaby is also a member of the International Air Transport Association, the Cruise Lines International Association, and the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies.

similarly, the personal travel management Burnaby team has traveled the world collectively and brings firsthand knowledge of our experiences to you, our client, ensuring that your travel experience will create lasting memories. They will also meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations. Our dedicated travel agents combine their knowledge with friendly, personalized service to provide you with expert travel assistance every step of the way.

In terms of personal travel management, they provide thorough local and international travel planning, can assist you in making hotel, car, and cruise reservations, as well as arrangements for leisure or business getaways, as well as air, sea, and land travel. They specifically specialize in solo travel, special interest travel, sports travel, adventure travel, and travel for women organized by women. Group travel, including youth groups, is another one of our specialties. In addition, we arrange our own unique group outings.

Your complete satisfaction is only the first of their objectives; we also want your travels to be life-changing and enriching in a way that nothing else can.

What Is the Difference Between a Travel Agency and a Travel Management Company?

Travel management frequently implements new technology to assist businesses in achieving their intended program goals and monitoring advancement. While a travel management company primarily assists clients with scheduling business travel.

What Are Business and Personal Travel?

People can visit friends and family while on personal travel, discover new locations and cultures, and gain freedom and personal development. Although some business trips offer similar experiences, the main reason for business travelers is to attend business events rather than travel.

What Does the Term “Travel Agency Management” Mean?

A manager of a travel agency plans arranges, leads, and oversees the activities of organizations involved in travel. Additionally, they coordinate and manage staff activities, supervising not only daily operations but also the recruitment, development, and evaluation of staff members.

What Is the Role of a Travel Agency?

The 6 areas of service in travel management agencies

  1. The main duty is in charge of travel management.
  2. Assistance to passengers.
  3. Consulting.
  4. Internal and marketing communication.
  5. Technology. …
  6. Leisure Services.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Travel Manager?

Each travel manager needs to have a certain set of fundamental abilities and qualities.

  1. Negotiation skills
  2. Leadership qualities
  3. Knowledge of alternative travel
  4. Tech-savvy
  5. Social media and marketing
  6. Finance and budget knowledge.
  7. Language skills

What Are the Responsibilities of a Personal Travel Management Manager?

Personal Travel Management Manager duties and responsibilities

  • Organize, create, and put into effect a personal travel policy.
  • Track and manage the overall travel policy.
  • Take charge of and oversee all travel arrangements.
  • Maintain trustworthy relationships with travel agencies and vendors.
  • Negotiate contracts with travel service providers.

What Are the Benefits of a Travel Management Company?

The advantages of working with a personal travel management company include:

  1. Having access to a Focused Team
  2. Cost-cutting tactics.
  3. help with risk management.
  4. access to tools and technology.
  5. Enhanced Reporting.
  6. Travel Policy Creation and Integration.
  7. Time savings for both travelers and travel managers

What Is the Most Important Function of the Travel Management Company

For a company’s travel requirements, a (TMC) or travel management company offers solutions. It enables travelers to book travel at discounted rates, adapts to a specific travel policy, and supports them in fulfilling their duty of care.

What Is the Scope of Tourism and Hospitality Management

There are a variety of job profiles, including tour operator, travel manager, vacation consultant, and event manager. Jobs in hospitality and tourism are available in the hotel, aviation, restaurant, and bar industries, among others. Therefore, skilled professionals are needed to assist tourists with their travel and lodging needs.


To summarize it all, personal travel does not relate to business travel. Thus, they should not book it using the online booking tool or by university staff. Moreover, any extra expenses resulting from travel that differ from the established business cost comparison will be borne by the traveler. Reimbursement is based only on such charges as would have been incurred or reimbursed for business purposes.

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FAQs on Personal Travel Management

what is personal travel concierge?

With the aid of a travel concierge service, you can create an itinerary for your international trip plans. A travel concierge will be familiar with every facet of your journey, including particulars about each location you intend to visit.

what is travel consultant job describtion?

They are in charge of recommending to clients the best travel solutions based on their requirements, preferences, and capacities. They also assist clients in organizing excursions, lodging, transportation, insurance, and prices for domestic and international travel.

what is the difference between a travel consultant and travel agent

Reservations are made by consultants using their own connections throughout the globe. Agents are skilled at obtaining the items that clients desire. Rarely does the consultant accept orders; instead, they are typically involved in a group decision-making process. Computerized systems are used by agents to make hotel reservations.

what skills do you need to become a travel consultant

  • Outstanding Communication Skills.
  • Should be Positively Organized in the Work You Do.
  • Having other Technical Skills.
  • Getting Proper Education in that Field.
  • Good Decision Making.
  • should be a good Listener.
  • Good Attention to Detail.
  • Good Persuading Skills