Rental Property Management Software: Best, Free, & Short-Term

Rental Property Management Software: The Best for Vacation, Short-Term & Free

While you are waiting to acquire that beautiful home of your desire as an asset, you need to take advantage of the best and most free-rental property management software. Managing real estate portfolios is now faster and easier by paying attention to everything from tenant screening to building maintenance. Also, it helps you draw attention, screen, and manage tenants; respond to their maintenance requests, and account for all the costs and revenue that come with that. The best vacation and short-term rental property management software are discussed in this article.

Why Manage a Rental Property?

Good management of the rental property on any grounds ensures the safety of other tenants. For instance, in real estate rentals, you probably have to screen applications and prevent the setting of a lease by any suspicious tenants, and also protect your tenants from crime and other possible hazards. Therefore, using the best rental property management software aids in keeping a tight schedule and budget.

What Is Rental Property Management?

Rental property management is the day-to-day control by an outside contractor of a home, commercial, or industrial real estate. In general, property owners are responsible for regular maintenance, security, and upkeep of belongings as well as daily repairs. Moreover, they tend to work with those who own investment assets, including shopping malls, industrial parks, private home communities, and apartment and condominium buildings.

Let’s seize the moment as fast as possible.

The issues with rentals could be serious and prove to be quite difficult. Imagine a woman who earns around $6 an hour in a sweatshop and is responsible for raising three children alone. So, there is a lot of late rent and landlords are knocking on the door. However, you shouldn’t go through all of this.

Best Rental Property Management Software

The best rental property management software offers optimal help to property management companies by piling payments, managing tenants, and tracking costs. Also, as property owners and managers, here we list the best rental property software and uncover their key benefits. Furthermore, the list of these products is below, albeit their costs vary relying on their intended use.

#1. Buildium

Unlike other rental property management software we’ve covered, Buildium best suits larger landlords and community association managers. For instance, Buildium might be the best software to help you expand your business if you already own a number of properties and plan to purchase more soon. By pre-qualifying tenants and bypassing the back-and-forth texts and emails that usually follow having to schedule a show, Buildium also saves you a significant amount of time and work.

The Price Starts From $50 per Month

#2. TurboTenant

The best free cloud-based real estate management tool is Turbo Tenant. Additionally, it automatically shares job openings on a number of websites, including Rent Jungle and Apartment List. Additionally, it completes listing forms for users on Craigslist. Also, users have access to a tenant database, a rent calculator, and rental form templates.

The Pricing for Turbotenant Starts at $35.0 per One-Time Payment. 

#3. AppFolio

One of the rental property management software packages with the most cutting-edge features is Appfolio. Your property management team also has access to the resources they need to offer residents and owners first-rate service thanks to AppFolio’s simple and easy layout. Whether you oversee community associations, single-family houses, or multi-family apartment buildings.

The Price Starts From $280.00 per Month

#4. Propertyware

It is fitting for single-family homes. Propertyware also offers unique adaptability. In addition, it comes with an open API for two-way data sharing, asset accounting, and reporting, and is the firm’s sole option for inter-growth and expansion. Also, it enables managers to easily keep tabs on local operations.

The Price Starts From $250.00 per Month

#5. SimplifyEm

A rental management software best for dew properties. It also offers features like property accounting, tenant management, lease tracking, bank reconciliation, maintenance schedules, and vendor management. Furthermore, it comes with free training and support, available through email and phone calls.

The Price Starts From $25.00 per Month

#6. MRI Software

The best MRI software is used for commercial properties like real estate, where owners, investors, and occupiers manage accounting, investment models, property, and analytics activities.

The Price Starts From $120 per Month 

#7. Yardi Breeze

The best cloud-based software is Breeze. You can work online from lead to lease with its support for online payments and sites for applicants, residents, and owners. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to promote, lease, and manage your assets from any area using any device.

The Price Starts From $100.00 per Month

Vacation Rental Property Management Software

The very first step in using Vacation Rental Property Management software is to review your home, know the pulse, find the personality, understand your goals, and then design the rental with the perfect guest in mind. In addition, the guest experience at your property should be excellent as well.

A successful rental depends on a few factors, including design, staging, and amenities. Following that, some properties only need minor staging, while others demand a little more work.

The following benefits are given to consumers by professional vacation rental management software.

  • Electronic check sheets are shared with owners after each check and clean
  • knowledge of the property’s repair and supply situation.
  • During your guests’ large family gatherings or events, a private chef oversees the food and charters a yacht for the day (or week).
  • An Extraordinary experience they will never forget and will have them wanting more.

#1. Hostaway

Hostaway is a complete rental property management software. also referred to as the vacation rental software with the fastest growth

The Price Starts From $20 per Unit per Month

#2. Lodgix

This web-based solution now rules the SEO field and is the subject of many positive Capterra reviews, and also each gives this tool a 100% score.

The Price (Without Modules) Starts From $29.99/Month and Can Reach $34.99/Month. A Free 30-Day Trial Is Also Available.

#3. Escapia

This web-based, customer software may be accessed on a Mac, PC, or tablet and is a great option for people who are still careful with technology.

The Price for Escapia’s One-Time Setup Fee Starts From $4,500,

#4. OwnerRez

Using software that can be set up through the cloud, Also, OwnerRez answer has quickly risen to the ranks of vacation rental firms.

The Price Starts From $19.99 per Month

#5. LiveRez

Larger companies including All Star Vacation Rentals, Beach Properties of Hilton Head, and Carolina Beach Realty are among LiveRez’s users.

The Price for Liverez Isn’t Available Publicly, Though You Can Request a Free, Customized Quote Through Their Website. 

Free-Rental Property Management Software

Free-rental property management software handles tenant screening, rent collection, care requests, and also everything you need to manage properties more effectively. Additionally, landlords are not charged for Core services. In order to choose the ideal tenant for your property, you can screen potential tenants and even compare them with each other.

The following is our best free rental property management software 

#1. Landlord Studio 

A fully free-rental property management software for new landlords helps automate as much of your property management as possible.

The Price Starts From $5.99 per Month

#2. Hemlane

Free cloud-based software for managing rental properties that are designed with small businesses in mind. Additionally, the price is cheap.

The Price Starts From $30 per Month. Extra Units Cost $2 per Month.

#3. Rentec Direct 

Landlords and property managers can use Rentec Direct as a web-based, device management software that is specific to their needs for properties between 25 and 5,000 units. Furthermore, Rentec offers no startup costs, no term commitments, and free client service and training from US-based sources.

The Price Starts From $35.00 per Month

#4. TenantCloud

Landlords, property managers, and real estate experts can use TenantCloud, a cloud-based free-rental property management software, to manage their properties. Also, the system includes features for marketing, accounting administration, tenant management, and property management.

The Price Starts From $12.00 per Month.

Short-Term Rental Property Management Software

A short-term rental property management software uses the web to enable you to create a website and also connect it to major third-party sales channels, accept direct bookings with online payments, manage guest reservations, and start guest communications all from one location.

The best trusted short-term rental property management software is listed below for your choice.

#1. Cloudbeds

A cloud-based hospitality technology, the new Cloudbeds are perfect for small to large hotels, rental homes, hostels, and B&Bs. Moreover, it also includes front office management, central bookings, housekeeping management, an internet booking engine, CRM, business intelligence, and store point of sale as well.

The Price Starts From $75 per User/Month

#2. WuBook

It offers rooms, saves time, and simplifies your hotel management and online sales with Zak. For instance, the all-in-one software offers PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and Restaurant Management.

The Price Starts From $54 per Monthly

#3. Zeevou

Every part of your short-term rental firm includes the reservation process. It also tracks and automates profit, and maintains all administrative check-outs and mobile apps.

The Price Starts From €42.10/Unit/Monthly

#4. Hostaway

For both short-term, and vacation rental property management software, Hostaway offers a complete solution. Additionally, it has a booking engine, channel manager, property management system, owner reporting, marketing tools, cleaning management, and financial reporting.

The Price Starts From $20 Monthly Fee

#5. Beds24

Beds24 is a cloud-based software that aids companies in automating the booking and paying procedures for hotels, inns, guest houses, cottages, hostels, campsites, and other lodgings. Also, it comes with Built-in bookkeeping, holiday rentals, channel analytics, inventory management, and activity booking.

  • Starting price: €9.90 per month
  • Free trial: Available

#6. Bookster

A cloud-based free rental property management software called Bookster makes it easier for companies in the hospitality and tourist sectors to manage bookings and collect payments. It also has extra features like automatic marketing emails, automated payment, damage deposit collection and refunds, and emails notice for visitors, owners, and third parties.

The Price Starts From £21.00 per Month


The software we chose has an excellent track record for helpful customer support and integrations to expand and simplify the rental property management process. Additionally, they provide effective and cheap prices that vary from the best vacation, shorter-term to free benefits on rental properties.

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