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free, best, rental, and commercial property management software for landlords

Unhappy tenants might increase vacancy rates, which would reduce cash flow. However, if you’re a real estate investor with one to multiple rental properties, you can be able to manage your assets more effectively using free or top landlord software. Additionally, it might aid in boosting the possible return on your investments in rental properties. Software for managing residential and commercial properties is discussed in this article for landlords.

What Is Property Management Software?

Landlord software helps property owners and managers monitor all aspects of rental property performance. Similarly, the software can help landlords screen tenants, collect rent payments online, and process care and repair requests. It can also track income and operating costs as well as generate tax-ready financial statements at year-end.

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Free Property Management Software for Landlords

Below is a list of free property management software for landlords

#1. Avail, One of the Free Property Management Software for Landlords

With the help of the free rental property management tool Avail, landlords can advertise their rental property listings on a dozen different websites, screen potential tenants using custom questions, demand thorough background checks, create and sign state-specific leases, collect rent, and more online.

To obtain rent pricing analysis reports, read a huge collection of scholarly materials, and post your rental right away, create a free landlord account. Syndicated rental postings are concurrently posted on well-known websites like Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads. Avail is free for an unlimited number of units, but for $5/unit per month, you can upgrade to Unlimited Plus and quickly design a property website or a bespoke lease.

#2. Buildium Property Management for Landlords

Buildium is a property management tool designed for landlords that have at least 50 rental homes. The free trial is only valid for 14 days. Additionally, the price of a Buildium account can range from $50 to $460 per month, depending on how many properties you have in your portfolio.

#3. Rental Manager

A cost-effective rental property management system is Rental Manager (Cozy). They provide a platform for tracking expenses, which can be used to manage costs per property. Additionally, the platform only permits landlords to post rental advertisements on five websites, which can reduce the likelihood that a tenant will notice your property.

#4. TenantCloud

A property management program called TenantCloud provides three monthly subscriptions. However, the free account does not include any features designed to make landlords’ jobs easier. It could take some time for folks to become accustomed to the system when managing many properties because of the variety of capacities they provide.

#5. Rentler

Landlords and tenants from all over the nation come together through Rentler in a convenient setting. The software enables landlords to log maintenance needs, sell and advertise their homes, and accept online rent payments.

Landlords and tenants can use Rentler for free, however, only the first rental listing option is free; the others cost $15 to $25 per day. Rental listings are a crucial component of property management, even though this expense could be affordable. Most rental property software platforms already include this capability. Access to Rentler’s document library costs an additional $25 if you require state-specific legal forms for your property, such as a lease agreement.

Best Property Management Software for Landlords

The finest landlord software offers investors alternatives and frequently comes with smartphone apps for iOS and Android to make tasks like collecting rent, requesting maintenance, and keeping tabs on a property’s performance easy and handy. The top property management programs for landlords are listed below.

#1. AppFolio

AppFolio provides landlords with software for large portfolios of professional real estate investors and property managers. Single-family rentals, small multifamily and large apartment buildings, condominiums and townhomes, student housing, homeowner associations (HOAs), as well as mixed-use commercial real estate, are all backed by the tool.

AppFolio’s landlord tool is strong and reliable, with parts such as selling vacant units, tenant screening and background checks, customized renter applications and tenant leases, lease preparation and signing online, rent collection, upkeep requests, and tenant and owner portals. The monthly minimum is $250, plus a one-time onboarding fee.

#2. Cozy Property Management Software for Landlords

For small investors, Cozy is an ideal landlord tool solution. The firm’s goal is to help rental investors become great landlords. Cozy pricing is free for landlords, and it includes cutting-edge rental management tools. It also offers tenants renters’ insurance with an average cost of about $20 per month.

#3. Propertyware

Propertyware is designed specifically for single-family home investors who manage 250 or more properties. Vacant property trade with listing syndication, lead tracking, and follow-up, tenant screening services, online rent collection, upkeep requests, accounting, as well as a vendor portal are among the attributes. The minimum monthly fee is $250, plus a $500 commission fee.

#4. Landlord Studio

Rent accounting, online rent collecting, and tenant screening are all provided by Landlord Studio. With Landlord Studio, properties are managed in more than 64 nations and over 27,000 properties. The business also provides DIY landlords with three monthly options and a free 14-day trial period. Additionally, the scale costs $19.99 per month and is appropriate for owners with 20 or more properties under management. The start is $5.99 per month for up to 3 units, growth is $9.99 per month, and is great for developing portfolios.

#5. Rentec Direct

Rentec is marketed as the best-rated and simplest property management platform with free help from US-based agents. It Direct’s landlord software offers tenants a professional custom website to learn about available properties, tenant screening before signing a lease, online rent collection from tenants, online file management to securely store lease agreements and other documents, and a complete accounting system with a full bank, property, and tenant accounting features.

Additionally, the first two weeks are cost-free, and then $35 each month for one to ten units follow. There aren’t any setup costs or agreements to sign, either. A nationwide criminal search, SSN verification, a nationwide eviction search, as well as a Transunion credit report are all included in enhanced tenant screening packages that range in price from $7 to $15 per package.

Rental Property Management Software for Landlords

Rental property management software for landlords includes:

#1. Buildium, One of the Rental Property Management Software for Landlords

Buildium allows rental managers to control everything from online rent payments to vacancy management, upkeep cycles, and accounting. As it makes the whole process simple, Buildium is also fairly simple to use. Also, pricing is based on the number of units you manage and starts at $50 per month for the important plan.

#2. Turbo Tenant

TurboTenant’s rental property management software is 100% free for landlords. Though landlords pay $55 for application and screening, a credit card rent payment fee of 3.49%, and an optional renters’ insurance monthly fee starting as low as $8. The company also claims over 400,000 landlords use its tool.

#3. SimplifyEm

SimplifyEm provides a simple and easy way for landlords to manage their properties. It also allows users to track income and costs, and collect rent and tenant applications online. In addition, the company has clients across the U.S. and Canada and has been used to manage over $42 billion in property assets.

#4. MRI Software Property Management for Landlords

MRI Software supports both commercial and residential properties. It’s best suited for handling larger portfolios of property and can be installed or bought as Software as a Service (SaaS). There is no free trial, and to get a quote you must get on the phone with them to interview them.

#5. Yardi Breeze

With Yardi Breeze, there are no startup fees, and the less expensive residential plan charges $1 per month for each additional unit. Previous users claim that the technique is rather easy to comprehend. Additionally, it enables renters to upload images they capture using a smart device to an online forum maintenance request.

Commercial Property Management Software for Landlords

Full-service commercial property software for landlords helps you simplify your entire operation. Here is a quick summary of each tool’s features and pricing.

#1. Skyline

SKYLINE is a property management total solution for small to mid-sized portfolios. It’s known for having a user-friendly interface that’s easy to get started with. The tool doesn’t offer its pricing publicly, but you can find out more by planning a demo online.

#2. DoorLoop, One of the Commercial Property Management Software for Landlords

DoorLoop is a complete commercial property management software for landlords that makes managing and growing your portfolio simple and easy. The dashboard is highly intuitive and easy to use. Similarly, it comes with a full suite of features that make it easy to centralize and boost your entire property management business. Pricing starts at only $49 per month for your first 20 units.

#3. RealPage Property Management Software for Landlords

RealPage Commercial is a complete property management software for landlords geared toward commercial portfolios. They’re known for a fit lease management feature and friendly common area upkeep reconciliation system. The company also offers a unique square footage pricing model, with their Office & Retail Assets plan priced at $10 per 10,000 square feet, while its Industrial Assets plan comes in at $5.83 per month per 10,000 square feet.

#4. Total Management

Property managers of both residential and commercial properties can use Total Management, a cloud-based property management service. They provide a broad range of business capabilities, such as management of communications and reconciliation of taxes and insurance. Although their pricing is high in comparison to other options, users generally report that they are easy to use. Although they are also not published online, the monthly cost for their commercial solution comes in at $2.50 per unit per month with monthly minimums.

#5. VTS

VTS offers services to more than 35,000 users globally and specializes in business portfolio management. They provide distinctive business information analytics tools that facilitate closing and support occupancy. In order to learn more about VTS’s pricing, get in touch with a sales representative.


Property management tools can potentially save you a huge amount of time and money. Log payments, record costs, digitize receipts as well as automate complex accounting reports. Apps like Landlord Studio allow you to easily manage your accounts anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks on your phone. Manually handling your properties takes time. By using a property management program, you can save yourself a whole load of time.

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FAQs on property management software for landlords

What makes an excellent property manager?

A property manager must be able to listen and communicate effectively, as well as be proactive and involved, up-to-date, and knowledgeable. He or she should also be calm and resourceful, as well as personable and articulate. The list of “and’s” goes on and on for all the property managers who are working hard to succeed.

What is estate management software?

For busy estate professionals, estate Manager is a high-quality, easy-to-use property and asset management software solution; giving you the vital tools you need to effectively manage your property and asset portfolio.

What is rental management system?

Rental Management System(RMS) is a product developed to help manage the tenancy of residential and commercial properties by property owners and managers with a full suite of functionality.