Beech Mountain is a place where travelers can enjoy a variety of activities, including outdoor excursions, beautiful vistas, and cultural attractions. In Beech Mountain, North Carolina, there is something for everyone, whether you’re searching for adventure or just some downtime. The main activities in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, will be discussed in this blog.

We’ll explain some of the best ways to take in this gorgeous location’s natural beauty, from hiking paths to scenic drives. So, if you’re considering a trip to Beech Mountain, North Carolina, keep reading for some fantastic suggestions on what to do.

#1. Enjoy Yourself at the Beech Mountain Resort

In the heart of Beech Mountain, North Carolina, the Beech Mountain Resort is a stunning resort and a popular destination for pleasure. It provides a wide range of activities, such as disc golf, scenic lift rides, outdoor yoga, and mountain biking. Visitors can go skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and ice skating in the winter.

The resort is the tallest among other ski areas in eastern North America, at 1,678 meters above sea level. It’s a terrific place to go with friends who want to have fun outside. This is because the air is clean and it’s far from the bustle of the city. After a busy day at the resort, unwind at the Sky Bar, Village Bakery, terrain park, brewery, or neighboring multi-cuisine restaurants.

#2. Visit the Beech Mountain Brewing Company

Beech Mountain Brewing Company is the place to go in this ski resort if you just want to relax and speak with friends or wind down after a day of skiing with some good ol’ drinking. It is open to everyone and perfectly situated in the Beech Mountain Resort village. It is a favorite hangout for local skiers. Their flagship lagers, the Beech Blonde, and the First Chair Coffee Blonde are their best year-round beers. Of course, typical foods like chicken tenders, loaded fries, and much more go best with these superb brews.


#3. Observe the Sunset at the Sunset Park

Numerous breathtaking sights can be found on Beech Mountain. In addition to the aforementioned locations, Sunset Park offers the best sunset views. You can enjoy an amazing sunset view as you finish your quick afternoon stroll to the park. Fall is a fantastic season to visit because of the stunningly beautiful sunsets. Laying down and gazing up at the sky can help you forget about your problems.

#4. Visit Lake Coffey

Beech Mountain is a terrific location for individuals who enjoy fishing or would love to give it a try. Lake Coffey, one of the lakes that the Wildlife Resources Commission annually stocks with fish, is one of the best places to fish in this area. For delayed trout harvesting, the lake is ideal for brown, rainbow, and brook trout. Those who want to fish at Lake Coffee are kindly reminded that they must first purchase a regular inland fishing license.

#5. Enjoy Luxury Life at Charter Hill B1

The family-friendly vacation rental Charter Hills B1 is located close to Beech Mountain. It is close to ski regions and boasts stylish, contemporary residences. Along with having a flat-screen cable TV, fridge, and microwave, it is also pet-friendly. Visitors can boil coffee, make toast, or prepare a filling meal for breakfast. The swimming pool area contains a fitness facility and has received positive evaluations from visitors for its cleanliness.

#6. Explore Perry Park

Beech Mountain is a well-known location for hiking and other outdoor activities. Though Perry Park is a terrific choice for people who prefer this region’s hidden secrets! The park, which is a portion of the well-known Upper Pond Creek and is named for the former director of public works, Joe Perry, is a great place for visitors seeking a calm setting for a picnic. There are hiking trails and picnic areas at this attraction. There is also a tiny waterfall here!


#7. Visit  Tweetsie Railroad for a Ride

Don’t pass up the chance to take the 64-year-old Tweetsie Railroad train for a 20-minute excursion. You will get a taste of what it’s like to travel on a narrow-gauge steam engine while on the evening train, which is illuminated by thousands of glittering lights. In addition to this, you can take part in additional holiday-themed activities. This includes visiting Santa’s Gingerbread House, live, upbeat Christmas performances, vintage amusement rides, and cooking s’mores over an open fire.

#8. Visit Rascals Bar and Grille

Rascals Bar & Grille provides diners with traditional American dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients and distinctive flavors. Local staples like a stuffed North Carolina flounder and chips basket, Bloody Marys, and tempura coconut shrimp on jasmine rice are available at this laid-back eatery. If you’re in Beech Mountain for a special occasion, you should definitely stop by this restaurant for a slice of their delectable German chocolate cake. Enjoy Rascals Bar & Grille’s innovative spins on classic comfort food!

#9. Beech Mountain Dog Park

In Beech Mountain, North Carolina, there is a fenced-in, off-leash dog park called Beech Mountain Bark Park. This offers a secure, sanitary setting for dogs to wander, run, exercise, and play fetch. It is open to all dog lovers and was created as a community effort to give back to the neighborhood by creating a large space for dog lovers and pet owners to spend quality time together. The park was built as a neighborhood initiative to give back to the neighborhood by giving dog lovers and pet owners a large space to spend quality time with their canine companions.


#10. Enjoy Sports at the Buckeye Recreational Center

If you enjoy sports but aren’t sure what to do in Beech Mountain, check out the Buckeye Recreation Center. This has a fantastic indoor facility devoted to enhancing the recreational needs of both locals and visitors. This facility includes a full-size gymnasium, indoor tennis courts, meeting spaces, a fitness area with cutting-edge equipment, a children’s playroom, a living room area, and an indoor walking track. Tennis, a walking track, ball fields, hiking paths, picnic shelters, fishing, boating, a campfire area, and picnic areas are among the outdoor activities available at Buckeye Lake Park.

#11. Enjoy Biking and Hiking at Emerald Outback

You must hike and bike on Emerald Outback’s trails if you want your journey to Beech Mountain to be complete. The Emerald Outback won’t let you down if you’re looking for some outdoor activities that will make your heart race. Around 11.3 kilometers of difficult but beautiful paths are available on the mountain, which is open 24 hours a day for free. The emerald-green forest is filled with small, narrow streams and rich vegetation, making it an even more exciting destination for nature lovers and those looking for adventure.

#12. Visit Grandfather Mountain

The Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the main chains of the Appalachian Mountains, have Grandfather Mountain as their highest peak on the eastern escarpment. Grandmother Gap, Mile High Swinging Bridge, Linville River, and Watauga River are all located there. The mountain’s 11 paths range in difficulty from easy strolls through the woods to some of the toughest and most challenging hiking found in the Eastern US. Every year, the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are staged here, attracting tourists from all over the world.


#13. Hawksnest Snow Tubing and Zip Line

The biggest snow tubing park on the East Coast is called Awksnest. This is unquestionably the ideal method to spend time with loved ones during the sluggish winters on Beech Mountain. It features four distinct zones with more than thirty lanes for snow tubing that are professionally illuminated and range in length from 400 to 1,000 feet (122 to 305 meters). To get back to the top, there are two moving carpet lifts.

Additionally, the site offers two zip line tours that provide breathtaking views of the valleys, forest creeks, wild animals, and, of course, the park. The Eagle tour has 9 cables and 3 miles (4.8 km) of zip lines, while the Hawk trip has 11 cables and 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of zip lines.

#14. Visit Fred’s General Mercantile

“If we don’t have it, you don’t need it” has been the company’s motto since the beginning of operations in 1979. Since it has functioned as the center of the neighborhood, Fred’s General Mercantile has lived up to the hype. Fruits, vegetables (both regular and in season), fresh meats, poultry, artisan bread, frozen meals, and canned products are all sold there.

Additionally, you might find here local craft beer, local and imported wines, snacks, candies, drinks, cleaning products, and more. The store includes hardware, items for the house and garden, ornamental items, and other things if you need a fast fix. It also sells ski equipment, artwork, crafts, unusual photography, books, DVDs, cards, and accessories for clothing and accessories.

#15. Enjoy Disc Golf at the Beech Mountain Club

You should never miss the Beech Mountain Club if you want to play disc golf on a 6,250-yard, 8-hole golf course. This exclusive club provides a range of year-round amenities. Due to the region’s altitude, you can play disc golf when the afternoon temperature doesn’t frequently rise above 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to disc golf, the club has 10 Har-Tru composition clay tennis courts, and a pickleball center called the Beech Mountain Club Pickleball Center.


#16. Play at the Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria

The renowned Brick Oven Pizzeria, formerly known as “Little Giant Market and Deli,” opened its doors to patrons in 1988. As the years went by, the deli enjoyed tremendous success. Aisles in the supermarket were replaced by booths as pizza and sandwiches became popular in the high country. As time passed, adding a bakery, a full bar, a mini golf course, and a cutting-edge arcade helped the restaurant’s popularity soar. Any age group can enjoy the game of golf.

Next to Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria is a mini golf course where you can watch your kids have a fantastic time while they try to sink that hole-in-one. You never know when your child might take home the highly prized green jacket. Sometimes, Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria hosts Family Fun Night, which includes live music, a bounce house, and a dusk outdoor movie screening.

What State is Beech Mountain in?

Beech Mountain is in North Carolina.

Is Beech Mountain Worth Visiting?

On Beech Mountain, visitors can take part in a wide range of activities, such as outdoor excursions, breathtaking views, and cultural attractions. Everyone can find what they’re looking for in Beech Mountain, North Carolina, whether they’re looking for adventure or just some downtime.

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