San Francisco and the surrounding city of Berkeley, California, are thriving and ethnically diverse places renowned for their exploration, innovation, and creativity. In Berkeley, there are many things to do, such as discovering the local arts scene, taking in the outdoors, savoring delectable regional cuisine, and discovering the city’s fascinating history. Grab a pair of shoes and get ready to explore the best activities, whether you’re searching for a fun weekend vacation, a family-friendly excursion, or a solo experience.

#1. Visit the University of California Botanical Garden

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10,000 different types of plants, with a focus on species from Mediterranean regions, are housed in an extraordinary collection at the University of California Botanical Garden in Berkeley. The 34-acre garden is organized into sections that represent flora from California, the Canary Islands, Eastern North America, the Mediterranean Basin, Australia, Asia, Central, and South America, the American deserts, and South Africa.

Moreover, there are beautiful pathways, benches for picnics, bathrooms, a garden store, and Julia Morgan Hall. The location for a summer concert series is the Mather Redwood Grove and Amphitheater. Besides, the Berkeley Botanical Garden is located in the Berkeley Hills and is conveniently reachable by vehicle or by using the campus shuttle.

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#2. Cruise Around the San Francisco Bay

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Berkeley, California, is a city with beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay and is situated in the eastern part of San Francisco. Given that Berkeley was planned around the famous bay, this is one of the best things to do there. Visitors can take a lavish bay cruise that includes food and drinks and offers stunning vistas. The majority of visitors, however, choose a more touristy, educational boat excursion over the serene waters of San Francisco Bay in Northern California.  

The most popular Berkeley boat tour, which is only a short ride from the Golden Gate Bridge, is also among the best things to do in San Francisco. Dress warmly and take a guided cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge to experience the sunset like never before.

#3. Visit the Grizzly Peak

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One of the most popular Berkeley attractions is Grizzly Peak, which is situated in Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley Hills between Alameda and Contra Costa counties. A California grizzly bear that existed in the region until the late 19th century inspired the name of the place. To make it simpler for visitors to reach the peak, Grizzly Peak Boulevard was built in 1932. Besides, it has a basketball court, picnic area, and play area with a steel slide and sand area. The Summit House was once a lodging establishment and staging area.

#4. Explore the Berkeley Marina

A 100-acre area known as the Berkeley Marina offers sweeping vistas of Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the San Francisco Bay bridges. A 17-acre off-leash dog park, seven miles of pathways, and a section of the Bay Trail are all included. Popular family games, construction tasks, as well as imaginative play areas can be found in the Adventure Playground.

Additionally, with hiking trails, a tiny coastline beach, picnic spaces, a children’s playground, an aquarium, and a nature center, Shorebird Park is a fantastic destination for birdwatching and the environment. Meanwhile, two restaurants with breathtaking bay views can be found at the Berkeley Yacht Club, along with the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina.

#5. Berkeley Art Museum

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A renowned art collection with more than 22,000 pieces is housed at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. With 450 cinema screenings each year, it is also Berkeley’s top visual arts facility. The most significant collections include those Chinese paintings from the Ming and Qing dynasties, works on paper by Old Masters, paintings by Abstract Expressionists, and the greatest collection of Japanese films produced outside of Japan.

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#6. Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California

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Ernest Orlando Lawrence, the first University of California student to earn a Nobel Prize, was the inspiration behind the creation of the Lawrence Hall of Science, which opened its doors in 1968. It conducts educational activities and has interactive science exhibits for students of all ages. Forces that Shape the Bay, KidsLab, Science on a Sphere, and an interactive planetarium constructed in 1973 are among the permanent exhibitions. The whole family will enjoy visiting here.

#7. Tilden Regional Park

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A 2,079-acre natural area with a variety of recreational amenities is Tilden Regional Park. It has an 18-hole golf course, the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Lake Anza, and approximately 40 kilometers of hiking paths. Local families adore the park’s kid-friendly activities, including the steam train and snack bar as well as the Herschell-Spillman Merry-Go-Round and Tilden Little Farm. There are a number of picnic sites in the park that can be reserved.

#8. Berkeley Rose Garden

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The Berkeley Rose Garden is a rose lover’s haven with more than 3 acres of roses. The ideal lunchtime activity in the city is to take in the floral aroma while relaxing in Northern Berkeley. The Berkeley CA Rose Garden offers much more than just its sizable garden to guests looking for leisure time. Tennis courts, walking paths, picnic areas, an amphitheater, and an ornamental pool are also included on the property.

The rose garden is the perfect place for a photo shoot because it offers views of the entire city, San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge. During their peak bloom in mid-May, the roses in the garden come in over 250 different types. Every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the park is open.

#9. Iyasare, Berkeley, California

On Berkeley’s bustling Fourth Street, there is a Japanese-Californian restaurant called Iyasare. It has an open kitchen, lovely woodwork, and a cozy ambiance with soft lighting. To create the kind of Japanese comfort food you taste and remember for a long time, chef Shotaro Kamio combines his childhood memories and experiences from rural northeastern Japan with his many years working in Californian Japanese restaurants. For a drink to complement the robust tastes of the cuisine, ask for a light Japanese or locally manufactured beer.


#10. Sather Tower and the U.C. Berkeley Campus

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The 178-acre Sather Tower (also known as the “Campanile”) is the campus’ most notable landmark. It is situated on a slope overlooking San Francisco Bay. The third-tallest bell tower in the world, the campanile bell and clock tower, was built in 1914 from Alaskan marble. Sather Gate, South Hall, and Sproul Plaza are a few of the other well-known campus icons. The university’s rare book and manuscript collections, along with other research materials, are kept at the Bancroft Library, a regal structure.

The elegant, 8,500-seat Neoclassical Hearst Greek Theater is used for a wide range of entertainment. This includes music concerts, the Berkeley Jazz Festival, and notable speakers. There are several student cafés, unique stores, eateries, and bookshops on College Avenue.

#11. Viks Chaat and Market, Berkeley, CA

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In Berkeley, you can visit Viks Chaat and Market to sample the top street foods from all around India. Every day, Vik prepares their food entirely from scratch. ranging from slicing vegetables to mixing dough. The restaurant is located in a plain warehouse that is connected to their shop, and the food is spicy, flavorful, and loaded with unusual ingredients from all across India.

#12. Indian Rock Park

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Rock climbers who are just starting out frequently visit Indian Rock Park. The region’s lovely picnic spot and picturesque views of the San Francisco Bay will appeal to those who are up for the effort.

David Brower, whose climbing guides assisted American forces in their victory over the Germans during World War II, and Dick Leonard, a pioneer in contemporary rock-climbing tactics, both received their initial instruction at Indian Rock. Other worthwhile parks in Berkeley for beginner rock climbers are Contra Costa Rock Park, Cragmont Rock Park, Great Stoneface Park, Mortar Rock Park, and Grotto Rock Park.

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#13. Greek Theatre

Berkeley, California’s Greek Theatre is an outdoor amphitheater with 8,500 seats. Over the course of its 100-year history, it has hosted a variety of performers and entertainers and looks out upon the famous San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. The Grateful Dead, Phish, Tom Petty, Joan Baez, Pearl Jam, as well as other artists have performed in the past. Every seat in the amphitheater is amplified by the design, enhancing the musical experience for everyone.

#14. The Cheese Board Collective, Berkeley, CA

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On Shattuck Avenue, in what is referred to as the “gourmet ghetto,” is a worker-owned cheese shop, bakery, and pizzeria called The Cheese Board Collective. It was founded in 1971, helped start the cooperative movement in California, and is dedicated to producing high-quality cheese in a variety of forms. It runs out of an adjacent pizza shop and a bakery that also sells regional and imported cheeses. A wide variety of pastries and desserts are also available in the bakery. Even if not everything is baked every day, visitors can always find something to tempt them.

What Is Berkeley CA Known for?

The American city of Berkeley is located in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay neighborhood. Berkeley, known for its liberal views, is home to the University of California, Berkeley, a town with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, and a plethora of cultural and culinary attractions.

Is Berkeley an Expensive City?

The cost of living in Berkeley is 198% more expensive than the national average, while utility costs are 30% more expensive. Gas prices and transportation costs, such as bus fares, are 34% higher than the national average.

Is Berkeley Good to Live in?

Berkeley is a desirable location in California for a number of reasons, such as its thriving economy, year-round pleasant weather, and excellent educational system. The drawbacks, however, include a high cost of living, a high danger of crime, and a high frequency of natural disasters. Before relocating to this city, it is best to consider both sides.

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