The coastline of Oregon is one of the state’s many stunning natural features. It is a well-liked vacation spot for beach lovers, with more than 300 kilometers of gorgeous beaches. We’ve put together a list of the best beach towns in Oregon, each with its own distinct personality and attractions. These coastal communities offer something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a serene retreat or a fun vacation resort. Get ready to explore the best parts of Oregon’s coast by packing your sunscreen and flip-flops.

#1. Newport

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Newport is one of the best beach towns to visit in Oregon. On the central coast, Newport is a well-liked city that has a long history of drawing vacationers, families, and beachgoers. It is the location of Nye Beach, South Beach State Park, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Additionally visible is the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, and Newport has a number of hotels that are close to the water. The area’s tourist attractions are easily accessible by car from the Hallmark Resort’s rooms and suites.

#2. Yachats

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The small town in Oregon called Yachats is referred to as “the gem of the Oregon coast.” It is renowned for its scenic beauty and hospitable residents, who have a talent for guiding the town’s growth and evolution in the ideal directions. Local eateries such as Luna Sea, Yachats Brewing, Ona, Green Salmon, Bread & Roses, and Bread & Roses are the lifeblood of the community. There isn’t much repetition or culinary rivalry, which reflects an overriding sense of thoughtfulness.

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#3. Pacific City

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At the southernmost point of the Three Capes Scenic Route lies a fishing community called Pacific City. It has restaurants with water views, a beach that is quite accessible, and whales that can be seen from the coast. Exploring the sandstone Cape Kiwanda, which marks the city’s northern border, is a must-do and must-see experience. Other well-liked pastimes include checking out the tidepools, going surfing in the cove, and having a bonfire on the sand. The Surf & Sand Inn offers reasonable pricing, cozy accommodations, and easy access to the beach.

#4. Astoria

At the mouth of the Columbia River, Astoria is one of the nicest cities on the Oregon coast. Fort Stevens State Park is close by for beachgoers, but there is more to do in the city. The best places to view the river’s mouth are from the top of the Astoria Column or the base of the Astoria-Megler Bridge. Eat dinner at Fort George and Buoy or stop by the Bowpicker for some fish & chips. For budget-conscious tourists, the Norblad and Commodore Hotels’ affordable accommodations in the center of downtown are a blessing.

#5. Bandon

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Bandon, one of the best-liked beach towns in Oregon is a fantastic home base on Oregon’s southern coast and offers a wide variety of cultural and recreational attractions throughout the year. Also, Bandon offers exciting activities for the whole family. From breathtaking sea-stack beaches to a bustling array of shops and restaurants in Olde Towne.

One of those vistas that can’t get any better, unless one hikes south on the beach and catches a glimpse of Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint, is offered by the picturesque Coquille Point and Kronenberg County Park on Bandon’s oceanfront. This well-liked beach strolling location is also a teeming National Wildlife Refuge, especially for seabirds. Windermere on the Beach offers first-rate service and coastal views for the most enjoyable time in Bandon.


#6. Coos Bay

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The biggest city along the coast of Oregon is Coos Bay, which makes it a great place to stop on a road trip. Numerous museums devoted to the history of the area can be found there, along with lively festivals, stunning beaches, outdoor activities, and mouthwatering eateries. Visitors should take advantage of the amazing rock formations at Shore Acres State Park, the dramatic vistas at Cape Arago State Park, or the Oregon Coast sand dunes during their visit, which is ideal during the summer months of May through October.

Foodies should visit Tokyo Bistro for delectable local seafood and the Egyptian Theater for a nightcap, while history buffs will enjoy boarding a steam train at the Oregon Coast Historical Railway. Coos Bay is home to a number of distinctive Airbnbs, one of which is this opulent family house.

#7. Gold Beach

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On the southern shore, Gold Beach is about halfway between the Rogue River and the Pacific Ocean. Although the town’s main industry is fishing, there are other opportunities to catch salmon, cod, and tuna in the area’s estuaries and oceans. The Mary D. Hume shipwreck in Port of Gold Beach, the expansive beach that borders the city, and the Cape Sebastian Scenic Corridor are all open to visitors.

The Pacific Reef Hotel is a great spot to stay. It has rocking chairs, a beautiful view, and an associated restaurant dishing up fresh seafood delicacies. A number of cultural attractions are also available in Gold Beach, including the well-regarded Gold Beach Books. It is indeed one of the must-visit beach towns in Oregon.

#8. Cannon Beach

Due to its proximity to Portland and Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach is a well-liked seaside town in Oregon. Although it can rapidly become busy, there are other attractions besides the high cost of the meal. In addition to hotels and beach cottages, there is delicious food at the Lazy Susan Cafe, Ecola Seafoods, and Sea Level Bakery. One of Oregon’s most picturesque pieces of coastline, Hug Point State Park, is bordered by the breathtaking natural features of Ecola, Arcadia, and other state parks.

#9. Rockaway Beach

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On Oregon’s northern coast, Rockaway Beach is a small community with seven miles of unbroken shoreline. It is renowned for its breathtaking views of the seaside and welcoming neighborhood. This includes local eateries, interesting stores, and events for the locals. The Surfside Resort is a well-liked beachfront hotel to spend the night at, and activities such as tide-pool searching, beachcombing, and fishing are popular. A longer stay is encouraged by the nearby Nehalem Bay State Park.

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#10. Florence

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Florence is without a doubt one of the stunning beach towns on the central Oregon coast where the Siuslaw River flows through imposing sand dunes to the ocean, not to be mistaken with the Italian city of the same name. Don’t overlook the neighboring natural beauty in favor of Bay Street’s enterprises. This includes a number of restaurants and pubs and tiny storefronts. Without visiting the Sea Lion Caves, Oregon Dunes, and carnivorous Darlingtonia plants, a journey to Florence would be incomplete.

#11. Seaside

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On the Oregon coast, 20 miles south of Astoria, is Seaside, a well-liked vacation spot. It is renowned for its historic Seaside Aquarium and Seaside Promenade from the 1920s. The main attraction in Seaside is its sand and surf, and on warm summer weekends, you can expect large crowds to enjoy the long and welcoming stretch of the coastline.

Furthermore, the world’s greatest amateur beach volleyball competition is one of the significant summer events that are held there. Hotels such as Lanai at the Cove and Inn at the Shore are convenient to all the ocean excitement and provide enjoyable overnight stays.

#12. Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay may be small, but it more than makes up for it with a variety of major attractions, lodging options, and some of Oregon’s greatest seafood. On a whale-watching excursion or from the shore at Boiler Bay, observe the local gray whales. Eat at Restaurant Beck, The Horn, or Gracie’s Sea Hag. Stay in one of the town’s many condos or beach cottages, or choose from posh hotels such as the Channel House and Whale Cove Inn. Depoe Bay has a significant advantage over other coastal communities since it is planned for visitors during both the sunny and rainy months.

#13. Manzanita

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Manzanita encourages tourists to enjoy the beach however they like if they’re looking for a great coastal retreat away from the throng. If you’re searching for a spot to unwind, Manzanita’s slower pace than other coastal towns makes it more appealing. Despite having a small (less than 1,000) population, Manzanita offers a wide variety of cultural attractions, including live music, which is frequently heard resonating through the streets.

In addition, Manzanita has a stocked store and a variety of lodging options, including the warm-hearted Inn at Manzanita. Be sure to check out the annual Muttzanita Dog and Beach Festival if you’re in Manzanita in September, especially if you own a dog.

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#14. Neskowin

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Neskowin, one of the best beach towns in Oregon is a tiny coastal community with a beautiful beach and less than 100 residents and lies less than 10 miles north of Lincoln City. It is reachable through a brief detour off of the 101 and is home to a charming collection of high-quality hotels where visitors can stay the night. The proposal rock and the unusual Ghost Forest are located along the three-mile-long seashore. To the south of the hamlet is Cascade Head.

What Is the Prettiest Town in Oregon?

Amazing mountain views, quaint storefronts, and some seriously adventurous activities can be found in Joseph, Oregon. It is currently regarded as one of the most stunning little towns in the nation.

Are Oregon Beaches Free?

The Oregon Beach Bill established public access to the beaches along Oregon’s 363 miles of coastline and declared that any ground within sixteen vertical feet of the average low tide mark belonged to the people of Oregon. Up to the edge of the vegetation, there is a state easement.

Can You Drink Alcohol on Oregon Beaches?

Within Seaside’s city limits, it is against the law to consume alcoholic beverages with an alcohol level higher than 14% unless you have permission from the State Parks and Recreation Department and an OLCC license.

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