TRAVEL SERVICES: Leisure, Cuba, American Express, & Defense


Planning a trip for your business can be stressful and time-consuming. However, there are travel service agencies that provide solutions to your travel needs and handle every feature that involves your vacation, starting from your flights down to your accommodations. For example, defense travel services characterize a good travel system. In this piece, you will learn about leisure, Cuba, and American Express travel services.

What is Travel Services?

Travel services are services that a travel agent provides. These services include:  

  • Organizing or making reservations for vacations such as holidays, tours, or honeymoons. 
  • Make lodging arrangements such as hotels and resorts 
  • Book tickets for domestic travel by road, train, or international travel by air or ship and other means of transportation.
  • They give useful information on tourist travel services, sightseeing, and cruise.

In addition, travel services require a travel agent who is in charge of organizing travel for clients on behalf of the travel industry. A travel agency sometimes deals with prize-related awards that involve a customer in which a customer pays a particular amount in order to get a prize. It is important to know that an increasing number of travelers are turning to online travel agents. These services aggregate accommodation and transportation options and allow users to choose one or many components of their trip. 

How Do Travel Services Work?

A travel agent carries out the booking and makes proper arrangements for everything the traveler needs, using their recommendations. A travel service works with the use of the travel industry as the supplier and a traveler as a purchaser. 

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Travel Agent?

You have probably been wondering about the cost of getting a travel agent for your next trip. Normally, the cost of getting a travel agent to organize a trip for you is quite minimal. Many agencies charge a flat fee of around $100, and others will charge a small percentage of the amount of your trip.

What Is the Importance of Using a Travel Agency?

  • Expertise Guidance: Experience and knowledge developed over the years make them the best at all that they do. They have an extensive network to provide insights that you can’t find on online websites.
  • Saves Time: Many leisure travelers now feel they don’t have much time to travel. Travel agencies can do research and plan your whole vacation. They know how to get the job done, keeping your specifications and dates in mind. It saves you hours of time on the internet and aspect attractions for your perfect travel.
  • Value Added: Travel agencies have extended connections with travel suppliers globally and have access to exclusive deals. They can negotiate the best deals for them in order to provide them with the best value. They also provide an array of choices based on the spending plan.
  • High Coordination: Travel agencies have a high level of coordination and they proffer solutions to your travel needs. They also take care of every feature of your vacation, from your flights, hotels, car rental, and other travel details.

What Are the Components of Travel Services?

There is 3 most popular component that makes up travel services relevant. They include the following:

  • Travel Agency: a travel agency is a business that operates as the intermediary between the travel industry (supplier) and the traveler (purchaser). Travel agents can be small and privately owned or part of a larger entity. Some travel agents operate at a fixed address and others offer services both online and at a brick-and-mortar location.
  • Online Travel Agents: An increasing number of travelers are turning to online travel agents (OTAs). Online travel agents aggregate accommodation and transportation options and allow users to choose one or many components of their trip. for instance, in early 2015 Expedia purchased Travelocity for $280 million, merging two of the world’s largest travel websites
  • Tour Operator: Some travel agents are also tour operators who manufacture tourism products. They make all the necessary arrangements e.g. transport, accommodation, sightseeing, insurance, entertainment, and other allied services. A package tour can be a special interest tour, mountain tour, adventure tour, or pilgrimage tour.

Defense Travel Services

The defense travel services or Systems (DTS) is an online travel system that allows travelers to book reservations, get book approval, and direct payment to their bank accounts. In addition, it will enable employees to manage their business travel in accordance with the government’s joint travel regulations. Defense travel services also operate at over 9,500 total sites worldwide and, on average, process more than 25,000 transactions per day. Approximately 100,000 unique users access it on a daily basis. Documents are submitted, processed, and approved by the organization responsible for funding the trip.

Department of Defense Travel Services

  • The defense travel system also has a platform known as the travel assistance center that provides travel assistance to the defense village on travel policies, allowances, and other programs before and after each trip.
  • The defense travel management office( DTMO) provides different training sections for travelers just by using defense travel services. This training includes internet training on distance learning and enterprise internet-based training.

Leisure Travel Services

Leisure travel services is a system that is responsible for providing your leisure travel needs.  Also, many leisure travel services provide trained professionals that assist you with your flight and offer inter-island vacation packages. 

What Is Leisure Travel?

Leisure travel refers to the travel that takes place between an individual and their family and is usually for pleasure. Leisure travel takes place during takeoff time from work for relaxation and is different from official business travel.

List of Leisure Travel Services

The following are the features of Leisure Travel Services:

  • Airline Tickets: Planning your next adventure is made easy with our airline ticket booking service.
  • Global Transportation &and accommodation. Getting there is half the battle.
  • Group and solo travel arrangements.

Leisure Travel Agent

A leisure travel agent is one who sells vacation packages to the public. Leisure travel agents have a lot of responsibilities that are aimed at satisfying the client. Let’s consider the roles, qualifications, and skills.

Roles of Leisure Travel Agents

  • A leisure travel agent provides assistance to travelers who want to take a vacation or travel for leisure
  • As a leisure travel agent, you are responsible for identifying the needs of your client including finding and booking comfortable hotels, rental cars, or resorts for them.
  • You also give your client advice concerning the best or particular places for vacation or honeymoon. 
  • Also, you can specialize in selling tour packages or packages that include both hotel and air. You will also build a partnership with a specific vendor or resort brand and market their vacation products exclusively.

Qualifications of a Leisure Travel Agent

Depending on your employer, different skills are required to work as a leisure travel agent. Some employers might demand a bachelor’s degree in a field related to tourism. It’s possible for other companies to demand that travel agents obtain certification from trade associations like the Travel Institute. Legally speaking, registration as a travel agent is required in some states, but certification is not compulsory. The vendors will give agents who want to sell the vendors’ goods training.  


Also, for those who want to work in a leisure travel service as an agent, you need the following skills: 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must have good sales abilities 
  • You need to also have leadership skills.
  • Should have organizational skills 
  • Along with these skills, you must have a great knowledge of travel destinations. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Travel Agent?

  • In many cases when there is a complication during a vacation maybe you lost a document or have a change of mind. In the first place, a travel agent might only refer you to the service representatives of whatever airline, resort, or cruise operator you’re booked with.
  • Using a travel agent is also more expensive
  • Travel agents sometimes will have a different idea from yours, especially in the luxury
  • You definitely don’t have access to planning your trip.

Cuba Travel Services

Cuba Travel Services is a travel agency located in Cuba. Not only that, Cuba travel services aim to facilitate an experience of the history, culture, and unique nature of the people of Cuba. Cuba Travel Services, Inc. remains committed to bringing families living in the United States and Cuba together.  It is the leading travel service provider because of its knowledge and experience. Also, Cuba travel services work hard to make sure customers enjoy every trip.

American Express Travel Services

American Express travel services is an American-based travel industry. Also, American Express travel services come with a lot of travel benefits, especially for those travelers who book flights online through the travel portal.

Benefits of American Express Travel Services

The following are important benefits of traveling with American Express travel services(AmEx)

  • You earn 5x points: When you book American Express flights through the travel portal, your credit card will earn additional points. Also, prepaid hotel reservations through the American Express travel portal also earn extra points. The platinum card from American Express offers 5x points on flights and prepaid hotels.
  • Flight Points: You’ll receive 1 cent per point credit towards the cost when upgrading a flight with points. If your flight is eligible, you can submit an offer to the airline for the upgrade. The airline will accept or reject your bid within one to five days of your flight’s departure.
  • Fine Hotel And Resort: Hotel and Resorts is a collection of resorts and benefits are available to only premium card members. Also, it includes daily breakfast for two and a room upgrade upon your arrival at the hotel. 

Is It Cheaper to Book Flights Online or With a Travel Agent?

Usually, using a travel agent will cost you more compared to booking online from home. In addition, when you use a travel agent, you pay for the services they provide. Most tourists always avoid the stress and bad network that comes with booking online. Furthermore, tourists find the services of a travel agent more valuable.

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FAQs on Travel Services

What is the importance of travel services?

Travel agencies help in making sure have a smooth vacation, starting from booking your flights down to accommodation. In addition, travel services ensure you have comfort all through your vacations.

Which travel services provider is the best?

The following are the best service provider

  • Agoda
  • Expedia
  • Skyscanner
  • Hotwire
  • Bookmundi

How does travel services work?

Travel agencies work with the use of travel agents, who is responsible for overseeing the travel arrangement of clients. e.g booking and accommodations.