best beach resorts in Panganisan

Known for its beautiful beaches, natural wonders, and historical sites, Pangasinan is a modest state in the north of the Philippines. Particularly among families living in Manila, this region is a well-liked location for road trips. A trip to the beach is really hard to beat. You leave to warm up. You leave to get wet. Go get some sand to feel between your toes. There is a lounge chair near the ocean that awaits you, so pack a bag with towels, apply sunscreen lotion, and wear sandals. The nicest coastal lodgings can be found at beach resorts in Pangasinan. Find a room with sand-facing windows for cool sea air. After a day at the beach, enjoy a traditional tai in the hotel reception area.

Go ahead and explore the 15 best beach resorts in this article. The Pangasinan beach resorts will see to it that all of your seaside needs are met so that your beach holiday is one to remember.

#1. Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort

best beach resorts in Pangasinan
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One of the best resorts in Pangasinan is Puerto del Sol Beach Resort. It is perfectly situated in Bolinao, making it the ideal base for exploring the region’s attractions, which include sea caves and waterfalls. The accommodations at this resort are opulent and welcoming. Additionally, it is family-friendly. It has a private beachfront, an entrance to a private sea cave, a kiddie pool outside, and all of these amenities. It includes a bar and restaurant that serve delectable meals to round out your delightful stay.

The resort offers a variety of things to do. You can go swimming, kayaking, playing pool, or scheduling a relaxing spa. For convenience, the resort also provides its own private guided tour in Bolinao. You have a variety of lodging options, such as dorm rooms, casitas, and mansion villas.

Location: Boliano

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#2. Old Woods by the Sea Nature Resort

best beach resorts in Pangasinan
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One of Pangasinan’s secret treasures is the Old Woods by the Sea Nature Resort. This mountain resort, which offers breathtaking views of the West Philippine Sea, is located in the sleepy town of Bani. This resort has a homey, rustic design inspired by traditional Filipino architecture. Every turn is also Instagram-worthy. Its amenities include swimming pools, relaxing pocket gardens, and meeting rooms for large gatherings.

Old Woods by the Sea is a mountain resort, but it also has quick access to the nearby beach. You can either ride a service vehicle, hike the 5-minute descent from the resort, or take the route. The Hundred Islands, Patar Beach, and Surip Beach can all be reached from the resort, as can other Bolinao attractions. You can take advantage of the resort’s guided tours if you don’t bring a car. For couples or groups, there are several rooms and suites available.

Location: Bani

#3. Kabaleyan Beach Resort

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Another among the popular resorts in Pangasinan is Kabaleyan Beach Resort. It is situated in San Carlos City and welcomes both leisure and business travelers. The resort offers sizable pools with fountains in the shape of umbrellas that kids will adore. Additionally, it contains a chapel, a convenience shop for your daily necessities, and a playground for kids with a swing and slide. Its on-site restaurant serves both domestic and foreign cuisine. You can pick from a variety of cozy rooms and suites there.

Location: San Carlos City

#4. Masamirey Cove Resort

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One of the top beach resorts in Pangasinan that is just starting out is Masamirey Cove Resort. It is situated in Saul and provides everyone with a delightful coastal escape in addition to a variety of enjoyable activities. An infinity pool with a view of the Masamirey White Sand Beach is a feature of the resort. It features a restaurant on site that serves Ilocano and Pangasinan food.

There are other things you can do at the resort besides lazing around the pool and playing on the beach. The best places in Saul offer diving and snorkeling opportunities, kayaking on the nearby seas, and fishing instruction. You can also reserve tours to Saul or the Hundred Islands to see the region’s highlights. For parties or couples, there are comfortable rooms available.

Location: Saul


#5. Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast Resort

best beach resorts in Pangasinan
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If you’re seeking a beachfront resort in Pangasinan with a tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking beach views, this is the place to stay! Along the Bolinao coastline, you can find Casa Almarenzo. Due to its location, it is perfect for staycations and as a starting point for trips surrounding Bolinao. It has an oceanfront infinity pool with a children’s area, a roof terrace where you can relax, a playground for kids, and numerous indoor games, including volleyball, table tennis, and a pool. Kayaks are also available for free use at the resort, so you can explore the nearby waters.

There are both inexpensive and luxurious accommodations available. Several of the accommodations have views of the ocean.

Location: Bolinao

#6. Hiraya Wellness Resort and Eco-Park


Are you seeking a resort where you can not only have fun but also relax and rejuvenate your urbanized soul? Then proceed to Aguilar, Pangasinan’s Hiraya Wellness Resort and Eco-Park. Beautiful outdoor spaces and swimming pools are available at Hiraya Wellness Resort and Eco-Park, where you can relax and connect with nature while snapping a ton of Instagram-worthy photos. It has a cafe that serves comfort food from all over the world as well as an on-site restaurant called Tio Berto’s that specializes in Filipino food.

In keeping with its name, the resort offers a variety of activities for your body and mind, including spa treatments, yoga, bicycling, boating, fishing, and more. There are various lodging options, ranging from dormitories to luxury villas.

Location: Aguila

#7. Villa Soledad Beach Resort

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When visiting Bolinao, the Villa Soledad Beach Resort is a fantastic choice. Here, you can count on properly maintained amenities that are great for families and groups, as well as excellent customer service that makes sure you have a nice day without stress. The resort has three swimming pools, different recreational amenities, and a beachfront where you can unwind. Basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and other sports are included.

Modern native-style cottages constructed within tropical gardens serve as the hotel’s guest rooms

Location: Bolinao.

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#8. Lisland Rainforest Resort

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The 5-hectare area where this rainforest resort is located is covered with native trees, including fruit-bearing species. The nicest thing about it is that it is centrally located in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, making it very convenient for both business and leisure travelers who wish to see the numerous attractions in the region.

The main building of the Lisland Rainforest Resort is surrounded by a sizable pool that resembles a lagoon, as well as a separate kiddie pool. Additionally, it features a restaurant, bar, and patio on site. Additionally, there are outside garden areas that you can visit. There are accommodations with various rooms for couples and groups.

Location: Urdaneta

#9. Birdland Beach Club

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Bolinao, Pangasinan, is home to the one-of-a-kind resort known as The Birdland Beach Club. It provides overnight accommodations in rooms atop huts constructed in the traditional manner that resemble birdhouses. The cabins have a view of the water. The resort’s distinctive design makes it the perfect choice for those who value eco-friendly lodging and who are looking for a special spot to stay in Bolinao for special occasions like a honeymoon.

White sand beaches, saltwater pools, and an organic restaurant with nutritious food are all available here. In order to see the ocean’s splendor from below, the resort also provides free use of swimming goggles, rafts, and a bamboo floating house. It also includes a private island that is accessible by boat and is about 30 minutes away. There are a/c cabanas and indigenous huts called Bolifugao available for lodging. Long-term reservations are also available at the resort.

Location: Bolinao

#10. Island Beach Bar Resort

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A recently opened resort in Pangasinan called Island Beach Bar is certain to catch the interest of young adults and millennials. Its outside space, which has rattan seats and swings and fashionable mats and pillows spread out on the sand, is where you can hang out and take pictures. The resort’s bar and restaurant serve unlimited food and beverages, in addition to having a small outdoor pool. Every weekend, there is a live band performance. Also included is a free kayak.

Little Batanes and Hundred Islands are both around five minutes away from Island Beach Bar. Booking guests get access to guided tours.

Location: Bolinao

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#11. VEUE Beach Cabins

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In Bolinao, Pangasinan, VEUE Beach Cabins is a charming beachfront hotel on Patar Beach. With cabins affording a view of the beach and furnished with contemporary comforts, it’s your home away from home. Each cabin features air conditioning, a king bed, a queen couch bed, living and eating spaces, a fully functional kitchen, a large bathroom, and a terrace where you can unwind for the day.

You can swim in the beach or pool area, browse around the grounds, or take a staycation inside your cabin at this Pangasinan seaside resort. You have the option of cooking meals from scratch for your loved ones or friends, hosting a BBQ, or simply utilizing the in-room amenities. This resort’s handy location makes it a great starting point for exploring Bolinao’s local attractions. Other amenities include a fire pit, lounge rooms, and shared dining areas.

Location: Bolinao

#12. The First Islatel


The First Islatel is one of the most recent beach resorts in Pangasinan and the first integrated hotel and resort there. It is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a resort in the city because it welcomes both pleasure and business tourists. It provides elegant accommodations with an island motif and cozy, earthy colors to make you feel at home, as well as contemporary conveniences like air conditioning and a bathroom with a hot or cold shower. There are several options available, including Deluxe King, Deluxe Double, Junior Family Room, Junior Suite with Balcony, and Executive Master Suite (Master Bedroom or Family Room).

Among the amenities is a sizable pool with a kiddie pool, a poolside bar, a restaurant, a half-court for sports, a grand hall for special events, and function rooms that can be rented for meetings or other professional activities. Besides this, The First Islatel also provides day trips to Bolo Beach, where you can have a good time with your family or other important people.

Location: Lingayen

#13. Buddha Resort by Cocotel

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This Pangasinan resort is a great choice for short trips. It has contemporary rooms, a swimming pool with a child portion, a restaurant and bar, a fitness center, and an open pavilion and gazebo. It is situated in Bugallon and has convenient access to commercial institutions like shops and restaurants. Dormitory, Standard, Double or Twin, Deluxe, Senior Deluxe, Triple Deluxe, Deluxe Suite, and Family Room are all available room types. Day trips and event spaces are also provided by this Pangasinan resort.

Location: Bugallon

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#14. Virgin River Resort and Restaurant

best beach resorts in Pangasinan
Credit: OnlyInYourState

For those seeking a vacation in the great outdoors, this Pangasinan resort is perfect. Here, you can unwind in the simple cottages, eat delicious Filipino cuisine and fresh seafood at the riverbank restaurant, and engage in a variety of recreational activities like swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, badminton, archery, and darts. Four cottages and huts are available for lodging, each equipped with a fan, a bed, and a bathroom. Coffee and water are offered without charge. The guitar, kayak, paddleboard, and BBQ barbecue are all free to use.

Location: Bolinao

#15. Sirom Beach House

Sirom Beach House is a great choice among the beach resorts in Pangasinan if you’re trying to find a new spot to stay where you can relax in peace. In Dasol, Pangasinan, Sirom Beach House is a small resort situated along Tambobong White Beach. It is referred to as a home away from home since the word “sirom” in its name, which is spelled “shelter” in the regional dialect, implies “shelter”.

The resort is decorated in a boho manner and uses local resources. It contains a swimming pool outside and a Filipino restaurant inside. Simply staying inside to unwind, taking a stroll along the white sand beach, or scheduling an island-hopping excursion to see other surrounding sites like Colibra Island, Crocodile Island, and more are all options here. The lodging options include casitas, premium rooms, and bunk rooms. In the future, guests will also be able to rent private cottages.

Location: Dasol

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