BEST TIME TO VISIT ANTELOPE CANYON: Ideal Period in 2023 for Travel & Sightseeing

best time to visit antelope canyon

Many tourists to the American Southwest consider Antelope Canyon to be an ideal vacation location. For all, there is no other place in the world where you can witness sandstone curves that have been sculpted by water that is magically lighted by sunlight from above.

However, knowing that we must visit as soon as we saw images of this beautiful marvel. Our 10-day West Coast road trip schedule initially left us unsure of how Antelope Canyon, which lies in Page, Arizona, would fit into it. Nevertheless, we realized we could visit Antelope Canyon as well when we discovered how near the canyon is to Horseshoe Bend, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and a few more locations on our photographic wishlist.


Visit Antelope Canyon Arizona

Beautiful natural landmark Antelope Canyon is located in Arizona on private Navajo territory. You will discover the geography as well as the region’s history by taking a walking tour. There is much to know about the years of water and wind erosion that led to the formation of Antelope Canyon.

Enjoy the benefits of a trip to the Upper Antelope Canyon, where the natural splendor is illuminated by the sun. Once you take in your surroundings, you’ll be in wonder since the walls are 120 feet tall. 

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon Arizona

Even though you are legally permitted to visit Arizona Antelope Canyon at any time of year, the ideal time to go relies on what you are looking for and how you want to encounter it. To see light beams in the upper section of Antelope Canyon, travel between the end of March and the beginning of October. Though you are unlikely to see the Antelope Canyon light beams, November to March is a better time to visit if you want to avoid the tourist crowds. 

In addition, the monsoon season in Arizona, which lasts from June to September and can bring significant rain, is another factor to keep in mind. Although Antelope Canyon seldom closes, heavy rains can make visiting the canyon dangerous for tourists. If the canyon were to close at any time, it would probably happen during these months.

Time to Visit (Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon Arizona)

The ideal time to visit Antelope Canyon is around daytime if you want to witness light beams in Upper Antelope Canyon. Your greatest chance of viewing these renowned Antelope Canyon light beams for yourself is to schedule your visit between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. when the sun is perpendicular to the canyon.

The Benefits of Visiting Antelope Canyon

There are several sites to explore in Antelope Canyon, making it a must-see sight in Arizona. These areas include:

  • Antelope Canyon Upper
  • Antelope Canyon Lower
  • Canyon X 
  • Hidden Antelope Canyon

On Navajo property, a beautiful canyon was built over many years by wind and water erosion. It is a Navajo Tribal Park instead of a US National Park due to its location, and other local attractions include:

  • Lake Powell
  • Little Colorado River Gorge
  • Canyon de Chelly
  • the Four Corners Monument
  • Inscription Valley

As a slot canyon, Antelope Canyon is narrower than it is deep. Some spaces have a three-foot width, while others have a nine-foot width. Though it may become as deep as 164 feet in some places, the general depth is roughly 120 feet. Moreso, weather and natural erosion cause the walls and earth to change frequently. You are welcome to come back multiple times and enjoy various adventures. Also, you will get the opportunity to discover more about the Navajo people since you will need a tour guide to visit Antelope Canyon.

You will learn the Navajo Nation terminology for the canyon, such as “Tsé bighánln” for the Upper Section, which means “the area where water pours through rocks,” from your guide because they all stay there. Hazdistaz, which translates as “spiral rock arches,” describes the lower region. You may get a sense of what to expect in each area of Antelope Canyon by looking at these names. Read on to discover when to go to each site and what to expect.

The Perfect Season to Visit Antelope Canyon (Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon Arizona)

The ideal time to visit Antelope Canyon is in the summer when there is more sunshine for breathtaking views. If you’re a photographer hoping to catch the light shafts on an Upper Antelope Canyon trip, this aspect is extremely crucial. Booking a tour as long in advance as you can help you organize your trip because it’s a busy season for Arizona.

You might be afraid to visit Antelope Canyon in the summer because of school schedules and time off from work because many families travel at that time. Fortunately, Arizona has bright sunshine for a few months each side of the summer. Between the middle of March and the middle of October, Antelope Canyon makes for fantastic photography. If you also have kids, you may decide to plan a trip for Spring or Fall Break keeping this timeframe in mind.

As an alternative, you may try to go on an arbitrary weekend when families may well not travel. Travel agents normally work seven days a week, and because you can reserve them ahead, even though there is a large gathering altogether, you will ensure that you have a space with a guide.

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon in August

In the American Southwest, Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona is one of our favorite destinations. Millions of years of water erosion have shaped it into a stunning slot canyon. Antelope Canyon is a very popular tourist site all year long, but August is the best time to visit.

The sandstone, which is rich in exquisite lines and hues, is the attraction of Antelope Canyon. Add to that the presence of high walls and overhead light sources. It is one of the most incredible natural wonders and a lovely destination.

August weather in Antelope Canyon ( Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon in August)

The month of August will have high temperatures in Page. The majority of days are bright and comfortable during the day. As there won’t be any winter weather closures, August’s weather is pleasant.

You don’t need to worry about packing a jacket throughout August because daytime temperatures are usually rather warm. Most visitors are fine with t-shirts. You should carry some water with you on your trip because it might get hot in the midday sun.

August’s Typical Temperatures in Antelope Canyon

In August, you can anticipate daily average temperatures ranging from 87 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. After July, which is the warmest month in Antelope Canyon, August is the second hottest month there.

Page experiences a nighttime temperature dip of around 68°F to 73°F. There won’t be any overnight freezing temperatures in Antelope Canyon in August.

  • August in Page has an average high temperature of 91°F.
  • August lows in Page typically reach 72°F.
  • What seasons in Page are the hottest? A typical high temperature from July through August is around 90 °F.
  • What seasons in Page are the coldest? December–January

When to Visit Antelope Canyon for the Cheapest (Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon in August)

The best season to visit Antelope Canyon largely depends on the time of year you go. Always expect to pay some fixed fees, such as the $8 entry fee for anyone over the age of eight who wishes to enter Navajo Park. In the peak tourist season, most tours also have set prices; therefore, you might see a reduction in those costs in the off-season. You should conduct thorough research to make sure you’re scheduling a tour with a Navajo native who can provide you with the best experience.

The Navajo Nation fights against dishonest tour operators by being open about their rules. It will help you save money on your vacation and spare you the worry of being a victim of a scam if you are aware of this and abide by the rules to book through an authorized guide. The cheapest time to visit Antelope Canyon is in the winter since accommodations are substantially less expensive then. If you must travel during the summer, think about making an online hotel reservation as soon as you can. Booking your stay before the demand rises can lock in a reduced price. While Arizona is always warm, you can still enjoy a fantastic vacation there.

When to Avoid Visiting Antelope Canyon

It’s difficult to pinpoint a certain season as the worst to visit Antelope Canyon because Arizona is warm all year. While it grows colder from November to February, the weather in Page is often pleasant. By the end of December, when the average low might drop close to freezing, the coldest days of the year occur. The highs in Page typically reach the low 40s, even on the coldest days.

Many travelers coming from New England or other northern regions may still see the day as being pleasant. On your trip into Antelope Canyon, dress in layers; you could even start to warm up as you go. The weather itself is more to blame for when Antelope Canyon is the worst to visit.

Lower Antelope or Upper Antelope: Which Is Better?

Because Upper Antelope Canyon is more well-known worldwide, it gets busier there. Nonetheless, during the mid to late-summer peak season, Upper is better prepared to accommodate bigger visitors than Lower. Because of its better accessibility, tour groups that include elderly or physically challenged passengers prefer to visit Upper Antelope Canyon. 


You shouldn’t skip the opportunity to see Antelope Canyon. Its scenic, natural splendor is the perfect place to create many unforgettable moments. The fact that this canyon is so amazing and one of the most photographed locations in the world, however, draws many visitors to this breathtaking location. The ideal times to visit Antelope Canyon are crucial to know whether you’re hoping to snap amazing shots or avoid the crowds.

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