With some of the most in-demand courses in the field, Switzerland is popular for its hospitality and tourist industry. The numerous hospitality and tourism management courses offered in Switzerland will be examined in this article. Their advantages and disadvantages, as well as a general review of the abilities you can expect to acquire from them. Continue reading to learn more!


Below is a list of hospitality and tourism management courses in Switzerland to advance your career.

#1. BBA in Global Hospitality Management

Les Roches Switzerland

This bachelor’s degree is the best in business because it combines rigorous academic study with practical work experience. Obtain the education, training, and credentials you need to start a job in hospitality management or to start graduate studies. Obtain the education, training, and credentials you require to begin a career in hospitality management or lay the groundwork for graduate studies.

Our flagship curriculum, which we offer at both our Swiss and Spanish campuses, combines academic theory and practical experience to provide a comprehensive management education. You can personalize your undergraduate experience by choosing a concentration and by taking advantage of study abroad opportunities.

Additionally, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 15:1, Les Roches provides students with the chance to study under the most accomplished professionals in the field. We also ask influential people from the hospitality industry and adjacent fields to give their perspectives. As a Les Roches student, you will have access to knowledgeable career advisers who will help you while you pursue your professional goals.

You’ll have access to the best job prospects. Thanks to personalized career guidance and an ever-expanding list of premium industry partners. A wide range of professional options, such as those in retail and fashion, sports and leisure, marketing and media, consulting, start-ups, real estate, event management, and more, are available to students at Les Roches.

#2. BBA in Sustainable Hospitality Management

Sustainability Management School Switzerland

32 general education and business courses taken during your three years at SUMAS form the basis of your on-campus Bachelor’s program. Your selected major in sustainable hospitality management consists of nine additional specialized courses, such as sustainable food and beverage, managing facilities, energy and water, natural resources management, and new business models in ecotourism.

Furthermore, to improve sustainable business practices, you will employ the project management approach and tools on actual projects. As a requirement for your degree, you will also have the chance to take part in an immersive camp each year of your study. You will learn from business innovators and leaders in each location while experiencing sustainable practices in a different culture.

#3. Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management

Business School, Switzerland

In the business world, tourism is the sector that is expanding the fastest. Our program equips students with a solid foundation in both the theory and practice of tourism management. It also gets them ready for lucrative careers in the travel and leisure sectors. Along with industry-specific modules, our course options give participants the opportunity to learn a variety of business skills that are applicable to a larger commercial market.

In addition, you will receive a state-approved BA (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Derby and a private, globally recognized bachelor’s degree from the EU Business School Switzerland upon satisfactory completion of the program. Similarly, the Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) supplementary accreditation of these bachelor’s programs allows you the opportunity to earn a second international credential, the CMI’s Diploma in Management and Leadership.

#4. Bachelor in Tourism (FHGR)

University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons

This institution offers one of the hospitality and tourism management courses in Switzerland. Comprehensive training in tourism, with an emphasis on international tourism and leisure-time management, is valued in the bachelor study program at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. Each year, we offer two full-time classes. One of them is taught in both English and German, and the other is only offered in English.

The study plan is also focused on developing skills that are applicable to real-world careers. The improvement of leadership capabilities is the main goal. Competency in management, subject-matter expertise, as well as methodology are necessary to achieve this. During the three-year study term, this skill is offered in a modular structure from a didactic and content perspective.

#5. BBA (Honours) in Tourism & Hospitality Management

SSBR, Switzerland

Your necessary first step toward a career in the modern world is a Bachelor’s in Tourism & Hospitality Management (Honors) Degree. From services and retail to sports, healthcare, airlines, and even the government, everything is now run like a company. For your success, it is essential for your prospective employer to know that you have a thorough understanding of every aspect of management.

Meanwhile, at SSBR, our BBA(H) in Tourism & Hospitality Management program covers all aspects of the hospitality management industry. This includes operations, project and supply management, finance and human resources, law and ethics, digital marketing and communications, and sustainability. By requiring a year-end thesis on the area of business of your choice, we promote specialization.

It is a three-year degree program designed to place you first in line at a much-reduced rate!

#6. Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management

EHL Swiss School

This is also one of the hospitality and tourism management courses offered in Switzerland. An immersive, multinational curriculum that teaches you how to run and create service enterprises includes practical classes in hospitality operations, applied management theory, company strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

With 25 practical workshops covering every facet of hospitality, this degree program offers a practical approach to business studies. It includes two internships over the course of a semester. It will prepare you to head a company or start a business in an area of the service industry where a positive customer experience is essential for success.

This program puts you on an active learning path that includes operational training, applied management courses, and difficult academic projects under the direction of instructors who are subject matter experts in the business. You can practice in the real world while developing your network and expertise through career-focused electives and a Student Business (Consultancy) Project.

You can complete the EHL Bachelor’s degree by studying for three more semesters after earning the Swiss Professional Degree from the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality on EHL Campus Passugg.

#7. Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

United International Business Schools (UIBS)

Each academic year, there is a variety of starting dates available to students in the autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Our program structure and modular course design enable the best planning for postsecondary education. We offer multiple starting dates during the academic year in October, November, January, February, April, May, July, or August due to the program’s adaptable structure and modular design. The academic calendar is the same across all schools.

On a quarterly basis, students can move between campuses with assurances of curriculum compatibility. Our academic calendar, which is based on quarters, enables a continuous study-abroad experience throughout Europe and Asia. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, and Zurich are the locations of our nine international campuses.

All of our campuses are close to fascinating places. Although this institution recommends that students switch campuses for one or more quarters, students are also free to choose just one school as their final destination. Throughout the academic year, students who would prefer shorter stays abroad can enroll in our seminar courses conducted by visiting professors at a number of our sites.

#8. BA in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS)

The BA Hotel and Hospitality Management curriculum gives students a degree that is appealing to employers. They can use their skills and talents to enter the workforce and as a “toolbox” for a variety of jobs in the service and hospitality industries.

The course employs a variety of instructional techniques to promote learning, including pair and group projects, individual research and reports, study tours to business facilities, and more. The University’s virtual campus offers supplementary reading assignments, seminars, and tutorials to supplement core knowledge.

Is Hospitality Management a Good Career in Switzerland?

Yes, as Switzerland is a well-known tourist destination, a career in hotel management there is a great choice. You will also gain the necessary skills to boost your income there.

Is Switzerland Known for Hospitality?

With its long and rich history in the region dating back to about 150 years ago. When opulent hotels were constructed all over the Montreux Riviera, Switzerland was regarded as the “home of hospitality.”

Why Switzerland is Best for Tourism?

Like other European nations, it has a unique charm of its own. What makes Switzerland and its people so alluring is the combination of fantastic weather, breathtaking views of the Alps, and little but beautiful things like the world’s greatest cheeses, chocolates, and timepieces.

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