The need for qualified people with experience in hospitality and tourism management is increasing along with the size of the global hospitality market. People need professional guides to assist them on their journey as more and more people travel around the world to see diverse cultures. Numerous institutions in the United States have begun to offer courses in hospitality and tourist administration in order to address this rising demand. In this post, we’ll talk about the top programs in the USA that can get your career in this profitable profession off to a strong start.


List of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses in the USA

Below is a list of the hospitality and tourism management courses in the USA to pursue your career.

#1. Hospitality and Tourism

Edmonds College

Become a part of the burgeoning hospitality and tourism sector with the help of our travel school curriculum. Learn the skills necessary to work as a professional travel advisor, cruise or tour agent, tour guide, hotel employee, or airline reservation and ticket agent.

Moreover, earning a one-year certificate, a two-year degree or even a transfer degree that would allow you to transfer to several university programs to get a bachelor’s degree can prepare you to work in any area of the tourism business. Our Hospitality and Tourism program can get you anywhere you want to go.

#2. Tourism and Hospitality Management B.S.

Middle Tennessee State University

This is also one of the hospitality and tourism management courses offered in the USA. With employment prospects in travel and tourism, hotels and restaurants, events, and more, the Tourism and Hospitality Management degree at MTSU gives students the ability to enter one of the largest and fastest-expanding industries. With a focus on the larger service sector, this specialist degree incorporates fundamental business concepts, such as accounting, human resources, marketing, and management.

Moreover, coursework in management of food, drink, and accommodation, tourist and hospitality marketing, revenue management, operational design, strategic decision-making, tourism planning and development, and much more, it is intended to provide students with a competitive edge for a rewarding profession.

#3. B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Husson University

The goal of the hospitality and tourism management program is to give students the academic preparation they need to succeed as managers. It also helps them to become leaders and professionals in positions that require them to comprehend and value the global environment.

#4. Hospitality Management

Fox Valley Technical College

With the help of this degree program, you may learn to give consumers exceptional experiences. Whether you’re getting ready for a crucial business meeting or a wedding event. Learn the skills you need for these interesting professions in dining room and food service operations, hotel operations, and customer service. Additionally, this degree program will teach you how to organize community tourism initiatives and pitch them to businesses and convention planners. Along with learning about catering and planning special events, you’ll also study hospitality legislation and liability. The economy cannot function without tourism, which also generates a wide variety of job opportunities.

#5. Business Administration – Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality Management

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Two goals are intended to be achieved by the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration undergraduate program. The first of these goals is to get students ready for managerial professions. This will be in the public and not-for-profit sectors, as well as for lifelong professional employment in business, finance, and industry. A second goal is to provide students with the information and abilities necessary to land professional, entry-level jobs in a certain functional area of a corporation or in a particular line of work.

Additionally, minors in business administration, information systems, marketing, and management are available through the College of Business Administration and Public Policy. Students who are majoring in other disciplines but wish to have a foundational understanding of business for job preparation can consider the Business Administration Minor. While the minors in management and marketing give students the chance to understand management ideas for business decisions, the minors in information systems and marketing give students the chance to develop skills and expertise in the use of computers for business decision-making.

#6. Travel Specialist

Orange Coast College

The industry has suggested these courses as offering fundamental training for selling, operating, supervising, and managing within a travel agency or as an independent travel or home-based agent. The courses that have been designed also provide an awareness of the methods and knowledge required to build effective leadership. It also builds decision-making abilities and successful communication among all departments contributing to the courses that have been designed.

Complete the prerequisites for the Associate in Science degree and the Travel Specialist Certificate of Achievement as listed in the catalogue’s graduation requirements section. Note that you will need a minimum of 70 units to complete this AS degree.

#7. Hospitality and Tourism Specialist Certificate

Highline College

The biggest industry in the world is hospitality and tourism (HOST). Actually, 20% of all professions worldwide involve hospitality and tourism in some capacity. Many of the professions in the hospitality and tourism industries are specialized and need creativity. Are you that stupid? Perhaps you have the imagination to develop your own learning strategy, with the help of a variety of knowledgeable business experts, of course.

With this certificate, you can collaborate with an advisor to create a certificate that is unique to the hospitality and tourism emphasis area that most interests you.

#8. Hospitality and Tourism Management (BS)

University of South Alabama

A wide range of business sectors within the service industry is covered by hospitality and tourism management (HTM). The HTM curriculum provides an interdisciplinary viewpoint that prepares students for local and international professions in hospitality and tourism.

Students can also engage in academic, observational, situational, and experiential learning to fulfill program competence requirements in operation and service management, financial and human resource management, global leadership, and personal and professional career development. The curriculum also aims to prepare students to take on leadership roles in the global hospitality and tourism sector in the future.

#9. Hospitality and Tourism Management Hotel and Resort Operations, Certificate

Highline College

Specifically, it’s a certificate in hotel management (e.g., hotels, motels, and resorts). After finishing this course selection, students will be proficiently trained in hotels’ core functions. For example, front office operations, housekeeping, banquets, sales and marketing, and revenue management. Students who are interested in working for lodging companies, such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, Air BnB, or others, should enroll in this course selection. Students can use the certificate to transfer credits that they earn during that time toward other degrees.

#10. Hospitality Management

Mercyhurst University

Join the world’s largest and fastest-expanding industry today! The hospitality and tourism sector, which is thought to be the largest in the world, is anticipated to increase by double digits in the near term. Great opportunities to enter this fascinating, fast-paced industry at the managerial level come along with this growth.

Furthermore, strong leadership foundations in hotel management, event management, and food and beverage management are provided through the Statler Department of Hospitality Management. The Statler Department of Hospitality Management is the best option since it offers almost 100% career placement. It also offers international internships, study abroad options, and one of the biggest, busiest alumni networks in the hospitality industry.

Can I Do Hotel Management in the USA?

Anyone looking for international employment chances in this area should enroll in a hotel management program in the United States. If you want to pursue hotel management, taking courses in the United States is a fantastic option. There are prestigious universities in the US that provide hotel management programs for foreign students.

Why USA is the Best for Hospitality?

thriving hospitality sector

People have a better chance of forging a career here because the USA is home to the majority of the top restaurant and food company chains. All of the top corporate institutions, including Hyatt, Wyndham, Hilton, and Marriott, are located in the United States.

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