Hospitality eBusiness Strategies

The pandemic’s effects have largely dominated the hotel sector over the past two years. The state of affairs at the moment has further emphasized the importance of online hotel reviews and the level of popularity they currently enjoy. It is still a crucial resource for learning about institutions and exchanging traveler experiences. People often place more trust in internet evaluations than in businesses, which frequently spend a lot of money promoting themselves and enhancing their brand image. Therefore, managing internet reputation is crucial. Read through to find out more about Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS).

About Hospitality eBusiness Strategies

The main Internet marketing and distribution strategy consulting organization for the travel and hospitality sectors is Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc. (HeBS). HeBS, a company based in New York City, is credited with creating many of the “best practices” for direct internet distribution and internet marketing for hotels.

Moreover, HeBS specializes in helping hoteliers with the development and progress of their direct Internet marketing and distribution strategies, as well as in enhancing the hotel’s online visibility and building interactive interactions with their clients. Working with more than 450 hospitality firms. This includes big brands, independent hotels, casinos, convention bureaus, and hotel management companies globally, giving the firm a unique perspective on the industry. Visit HeBS at or contact them by email at for more information.

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies Clients

New York, NY the travel and hotel industry’s top Internet, eMarketing, and eDistribution consultancy business, Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS), today celebrated the signing of its 100th customer. Additionally, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts (FHR), a distinctive group of 41 top-notch resorts and downtown hotels located in Toronto, Canada, has hired HeBS to provide assistance in creating a careful online distribution plan. Fairmont can more effectively increase distribution while controlling the mix of indirect and direct bookings with clients by incorporating the Internet as a full-fledged distribution channel.

Our full direct-to-consumer online strategy will succeed even more thanks to our partnership with HeBS, according to Jens Thraenhart, director of the internet strategy at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Also, we understand the problems in the market brought on by middlemen and the complexity of the Internet route. However, HeBS is helping us to carry out our online direct-to-consumer distribution strategy.

Moreover, a new Total Online Distribution Strategy with a tailored focus on each unique destination has been revealed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. According to HeBS President and CEO Max Starkov, Fairmont is also in a great position to take advantage of the Internet on behalf of its 41 properties in 23 competitive locations.

Without a doubt, hoteliers are recognizing the importance of direct-to-consumer online strategies. Furthermore, Fairmont is in an excellent position to leverage the Internet on behalf of its 41 properties in 23 competitive destinations. Hoteliers should focus on the direct channel services first to secure their own robust presence on the Web. HeBS has successfully developed Internet distribution strategies for a number of major brands. Many of HeBS’ clients yield 3-5 times higher Internet earnings than the national average. Once hoteliers have secured their chances in the direct channel, they can utilize support from a selected number of indirect channel services.

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies Awards

New York, NY | The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International has bestowed five prestigious Adrian Awards to Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS), the industry’s top full-service Internet marketing services and strategies consulting organization for the hospitality and travel verticals (HSMAI). Additionally, HeBS received two silver prizes and three bronze awards for excellence in web marketing at the 52nd Annual Adrian Awards Competition, the biggest and most prestigious travel marketing competition in the world. A total of 1,300 entries from around the world were considered for the 2008 awards.

Silver Adrian Award Winners:

  • Singh Resorts ( – Chain, Affiliated Group, or Franchise
  • Le Montrose Hotel ( – Individual Property
  • Bronze Adrian Award Winners:
  • Peninsula Hotels eCRM Program – Chain, Affiliated Group, or Franchise System
  • Discover Loreto Bay Hotel ( – Individual Property
  • Saddlebrook Tennis ( – Chain, Affiliated Group, or Franchise System

Moreover, HeBS has been named one of the HSMAI’s “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing” for 2008. These awards also show how vital the internet channel is to a hotel’s performance, says Max Starkov, Chief eBusiness Strategist at HeBS. HeBS’ clients have been able to increase revenues in these challenging economic times.

Furthermore, the biggest and most significant marketing and distribution channel in the hospitality industry is the Internet. Similarly, with an ROI-focused online marketing approach, savvy hoteliers may create sizable revenues, expand their market share, and outsmart the competition. Given the significance of their online strategy, the aforementioned Adrian Award winners have chosen HeBS to collaborate with them on building websites that adhere to 2009 industry standards.

What Are the Marketing Strategies in Hospitality Industry?

Marketing channels include the hotel website and SEO, paid media, third-party listings, social media, email marketing, guest loyalty, collateral, trade shows and events, partnerships, public relations, and online reputation management.

What Is Hospitality Business Marketing?

Hospitality marketing helps advertisers in travel, restaurants, and consumer services bring awareness and consideration of their products and services to consumers. Hospitality marketing strategies also play an important role in helping brands drive customer engagement and stay top-of-mind.

What Is the Biggest Challenge Facing the Hospitality Industry?

Common Challenges in Hotel Industry and Their Solutions

  • Hiring and retaining the staff.
  • Change in marketing trends and dynamics.
  • Operational issues.
  • The rising cost of daily consumables.
  • Housekeeping issues.
  • Change in guest expectations.
  •  Irregular cash inflows.
  • Data security challenges.

Current and emerging hotel trends to be aware of

  • Smart hotel technology. Incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) into a property is something that excites guests
  • Sustainable hotels
  • Robot Staff
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Unique brand experiences.

What Are the Current Issues in Hospitality Industry 2022?

Labor, sustainability, and supply chain issues are still serious concerns at hotels, resorts, and venues. However, equipping your team with the right Cambro products can help you tackle these issues and operate more efficiently.


In summary, HeBS, a company based in New York City, is credited with creating many of the “best practices” for direct internet distribution and internet marketing for hotels. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has hired HeBS to provide assistance in creating a thorough online distribution plan. Hoteliers are recognizing the importance of direct-to-consumer online strategies. Hoteliers should focus on the direct channel services first to secure their own robust presence on the Web. Many of HeBS’ clients generate 3-5 times higher Internet revenues than the national averages.

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FAQs on Hospitality eBusiness Strategies

What is ebusiness in hospitality industry?

E-commerce is when products and services are bought online. The hospitality industry sees the use of e-commerce through its websites, third-party websites, search engines, as well as social media. The challenges of e-commerce include competition and lack of customer loyalty.

How do you strategize an online business?

Strategies for Marketing Your Business Online

  1. Invest in Web Design​
  2. Use Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  3. Hire a Coach or Consultant
  4. Use Email Marketing
  5. Build an Opt-In Email List
  6. Get Into Articles or News Stories
  7. Hold Contests and Giveaways

What are business strategies?

A business strategy is an outline of the actions and decisions a company plans to take to reach its goals and objectives. A business strategy defines what the company needs to do to reach its goals, which can help guide the decision-making process for hiring as well as resource allocation.