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Are you still using a handwritten ledger or spreadsheet to keep the records and manage your property operations? We understand managing different real estate properties can be a tiring task. Landlord property management software is the best tool for you. Read on to get an overview of the best and most free landlord property management software in the UK.

What Is Landlord Management Software?

Landlord property management software is a cloud service that helps landlords with small or big portfolios manage their activities from lead generation to occupancy, payment, maintenance, insurance, and financial accounting and reporting.

Why You Should Use Landlord Property Management Software

Many landlords and property owners have thought about converting some or all of their operations to new property technology. Unfortunately, a lot of people ask, “What is the best landlord property management software?” because they are unsure of where to begin. Additionally, we have written in-depth analyses of a number of the top rental property management software solutions available right now.

landlord Property management software can be your friend and your assistant, regardless of your experience level or whether you are a new landlord who has just purchased property. It can also be a seasoned manager with dozens or hundreds of units under management or a manager with just a few units. There are software solutions that can assist you with these tasks more quickly, effectively, and accurately than their outdated analogue counterparts, including tenant screening, advertising, applications, lease signing, and rent collection.

Can I Use Free Online Property Management Software to Manage Commercial Tenants?

The majority of property management software packages have features for managing both commercial and residential properties. Some companies charge more for commercial property management features.

Free Landlord Property Management Software

Free landlord property management software is used by landlord property management companies to manage rental income, upkeep, security, and more. With a free platform, business owners can manage their properties online for improved organization and efficiency.

Benefits of Free Landlord Management Software

#1. Simple to Use

Most of the free landlord property management software offers a simple-to-use platform with all the basics you need as a property owner or manager. Free landlord property management software is an automated software that allows you to handle everything from the dashboard in one place with a single sign-on.

#2. Get Organized

Free landlord property management software Your data will be organized and well in place with automated landlord property management software. It provides logical workflows, automated collections, and other tasks to reduce the effort with our flexible and broad system.

#3. Access from Anywhere

As a landlord, you can have full access to customer reports and insights anywhere, anytime. Whether you are working from home, the office, or using any device like a smartphone, or tablet it smoothly works.

#4. Export Data to Microsoft Excel

Most of this software provides the ultimate solution to handle retail operations and complex calculations, with results being generated into exportable files for Microsoft Excel.

Is There Any Disadvantage to Using Free Rental Property Management Software?

Many free offers are only available for a limited time or for a limited number of units. But switching to a paid plan will allow you to use your software without any of these constraints.

Best Property Management Software

Having a rental property is always an exciting thing. There are lots of properties that make it easier for landlords when it comes to property management. Here is some of the landlord property management software to help you manage your rental properties.

#1. Avail

Avail is free rental property management software that enables a landlord to advertise their rental property listings across a dozen sites, screen tenants with customizable questions, request in-depth background checks, create and sign state-specific leases, collect rent, and more, all online. What makes Avail stand out from others is its ease of use. Its wide services and landlord benefits are designed to make the renting process hassle-free for both landlords and their tenants. 

#2. Rental Manager (Cozy) (Cozy) is a free rental property management software that allows a landlord to carry out regular tasks such as collecting rent, screening and communicating with tenants, and handling upkeep requests. They also offer an expense tracking tool to help manage your costs by property. Landlords can assign each rental to a specific tax category and keep relevant documents like receipts, invoices, bank statements, and more in one place.  

#3. TurboTenant

TurboTenant is a property management software designed for a landlord with up to 100 rental properties in their portfolio. Landlords can collect rent online, utilize rental advertising tools, and store important documents at no additional cost. You can create an account for free, but drafting lease agreements and requesting electronic signatures require a small investment. When you’re onboarding a tenant for your rental property, you will want software that provides state-specific lease templates that comply with local regulations to ensure all agreements are legally binding.

#4. TenantCloud

TenantCloud is a property management tool for landlords, offering three different monthly subscription plans at various price points. However, in order to use all of their services, you must pay for their standard subscription. Landlords can create a free account in the form of a “forever free trial.” It may take some time for users to become accustomed to TenantCloud when managing multiple properties because of the variety of features it provides. Ultimately, you might find a platform that is easier to use, offers more options, and is less expensive. 

#5. Rentler

Rentler: connects landlords with tenants from all over the nation, in just one place. Through the platform, landlords can also list and advertise their rental properties, accept online rent payments, and keep track of maintenance requests. Both landlords and tenants can use Rentler for free, but only the first one. Although this cost might be manageable, most rental property software platforms already include the ability to post rental listings as part of their standard functionality.

#6. Buildium

Buildium is a rental property management tool designed for a landlord who has a portfolio of at least 50 properties.  Although it has some of the same features as some of the software we have discussed, the free trial is only available for 14 days. With an account, landlords can screen potential tenants, get common reports, and more. However, if you choose Buildium, you’ll pay anywhere between $540 and $600 a year for property management software alone. Which might not be worth it for landlords with fewer units. 

#7. Appfolio

Similar to Buildium, Appfolio is a cloud-based landlord property management platform that requires a minimum portfolio of 50 properties to qualify for subscriptions. Since the minimum monthly fee starts at $280 per month, a sizable portion of your rental income will be used to cover the cost of your management software alone.

#8. DoorLoop

DoorLoop is an all-in-one property management software that lets landlords lease properties, automate accounting, manage work orders, and more. To make use of the tools the platform offers, you’ll need to sign up for either the Starter, Pro, or Premium plan. While DoorLoop’s ease of use is appealing, the platform is lacking in certain areas compared to Avail. For example, you won’t be able to use lease agreement templates with DoorLoop. But Avail can help you save time once you’ve found a tenant for your rental.  

#9. RentRedi

A property management solution for landlords and real estate investors looking for help managing their rentals. You’ll be able to post listings to Realtors and Doorsteps, collect rent payments online, and sign and store leases through the platform. Thus, it is worth noting that RentRedi requires a subscription plan, and users can choose an annually-billed subscription, a  semiannual plan, or a monthly pay-as-you-go option. 

Landlord Property Management Software Free Download

Many landlord property management software products require a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access some of their premium property management features, like rent collection. However, Avail, TenantCloud, and SparkRental all offer cost-free subscription plans for real free property management software. Furthermore, these packages give landlords free access to all of their online property management features, including online rent payment, tenant screening, advertising, reporting, and more.

Best Landlord Property Management Software UK.

Landlord property management software is becoming more and more common in the UK and other nations due to its capacity to increase agent productivity, improve the landlord experience while lowering costs, and streamline business operations. There are many companies in the UK that offer the best landlord property management software. Here are a few of them:


In the UK, landlords can manage, track, and optimize their portfolio financing with the help of Landlord, a property management and rent collection program. Landlord’s dashboard uses cutting-edge technology to give you regular metrics on the state of your portfolio, the historical trend of its growth, as well as the most suitable options for a new mortgage based on the landlord’s characteristics, the portfolio’s specifics, and the specifics of the new property. You will also receive ongoing information about refinancing opportunities, product rates that are about to expire, and other portfolio performance insights from Landlord’s algorithm after it analyzes your personal and portfolio information.

#2.Concierge Plus

Our property management platform makes life easier for property managers and security companies by increasing efficiencies, improving resident service, and automating administrative processes so your condo or HOA runs more efficiently.


 It is software to automate business processes with full control of car rental and convenient order processing. suitable for both large fleets and individual car owners. With its help, order management is greatly simplified, which also increases the revenue and profitability of each car.

#4.Condo control

Save time and money by automating property management with our leading-edge, easy-to-use and feature-rich web-based software. Accounting Integration, Online Payments, Amenity Booking, Service Requests, and More. Likewise, our web-based software is designed for HOAs, condos, and properties. A simple way to streamline your maintenance and operations for both property managers and tenants.

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FAQs on Landlord Management Software

what is the best landlord property management software

  • cozy
  • tenant cloud
  • rentec direct
  • buildium
  • lendlord

what is landlord property managememnt free download

These are the landlord property management software that gives landlords free access to all their online property management features including online payment, tenant screening, advertising, reporting, and more.

what is the best landlord property management software to use

Property managers have a wide choice of areas to hunt for and inspect homes in. You should select software that enables you to browse properties at various places and switch between them at any moment. It is ideal if you can use a tool that compares the two attributes.