MARRIOTT TRAVEL AGENT: How to Book Travel Agent Rates


Just like every other hotel business today, there are a lot of benefits that come with working as a travel agent. Also, since travel agents have become one of the major sources of hotel revenue, Marriott International is not left out of this. In other words, the Marriot travel agent rate provides a travel and hotel discount with a program known as the Fam-Tastic with a lot of rates. Following the Hotel excellence training, MI partners privileges, and Marriott Bonvoy all this and more. Also, Marriott International has developed the following for its Marriot Travel Agent. In this piece, you will learn about the Marriott Travel Agent Rate.

Benefits of a Marriott Travel Agent

As a Marriott travel agent, the travel website allows you to do the following:

  • Utilize easy commission services online
  • View the commission schedule for Marriott
  • Discover Marriott’s Excellence in Hotels! Train the Trainer
  • Discover more about the Preferred Travel Agency Program from Marriott.
  • Reserve your special Fam-Tastic rates at thousands of hotels across the world.

Also, Marriott International has developed the following for its Marriot Travel Agent.

#1. Hotel Excellence Training

A vital part of Marriott International’s Preferred Travel Agency (PTA) program, Hotel Excellence! (HE!) is an award-winning online training resource for travel agents. The training is available in ten languages and is broken down into short, fast microlearning sessions that can be completed on any web-enabled device. It also includes information about the hotel industry, sales advice, Marriott’s portfolio of brands, pricing and commission policies, and more. Additionally, authorized Marriott Hotel Sales Specialists have access to Fam-Tastic pricing, which is our lowest industry rate, allowing you to personally experience our brands. For more details on Marriott’s Preferred Travel Agency program or on how to become a certified Hotel Sales Specialist.

#2. Marriott International Partner Priveledges

The Marriott international partner privileges place a high focus on privacy and security because we understand how crucial it is to protect your data. We have also introduced MI Partner Privileges, a new secure single sign-on method that offers the greatest levels of security. In addition, you can as well streamline your experience on all of our websites for the Intermediary Partner Program. Furthermore, in other to sign into the MI partner privileges for the first time visit https// 

Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy is a program with lots of benefits that the agency provides. Also, Marriott Bonvoy programs offer travel agents amazing travel destinations with packages.  In addition, most reservations you make with other agencies also qualify with Bonvoy. 

Benefits of a Marriott travel agent 

Below are the benefits of being a Marriot travel advisor

  • You have exclusive access to Fam-Tastic discounts in all Marriott international hotels across the world. 
  • Get specialized eNewsletters with information on our newest news, vacancies, and more.
  • CEUs are required for maintaining CTA/CTC certification from The Travel Institute.
  • Access resources and tools to assist you in selling our brands.

Agency Owner Benefits

The Marriott agency owners and managers are not left out of these benefits they include:

  • Earn higher commissions by being a Preferred Travel Agency (PTA).
  • Give your travel advisers training that has won awards.
  • Once logged in, you can check the status of your agency with Marriott from your dashboard.
  • Complete the annual necessities for the Preferred Travel Agency program without difficulty.

Marriott Travel Agent Program

Travel agents can also reserve hotel rooms for their customers at a discount through the Marriott Travel Agent Program. The sale of rooms also entitles travel agencies to commissions. Also, a competitive commission structure, global recognition, and a solid connection to Marriott International are all features of the Marriott Travel Agent Program. In addition, the two benefits of the Marriot travel agent program include the following: discount and reward for individual travel and commission on customer reservations.

Marriott Travel Agent Rate

There are two methods a travel agent will reserve a discounted room at a Marriott resort for their own use. This includes the Marriott Fam-tastic Rate and the Marriott travel agent rate

Marriott Fam-Tastic Rate

The Fam-tastic program from Marriott is a familiarization program for travel agents. Also, the Marriott rate familiarization program, known as “Fam-Tastic,” enables licensed travel brokers to reserve special prices at Marriott properties all around the world. Travel agents can as well view Marriott hotels at a discount so they can recommend them to their clients. In addition, the goal of a hotel familiarization program is to provide travel agents and hotel staff with a comprehensive awareness of the hotel’s amenities, services, and rules. Tours of the hotel, lectures on hotel protocol, and practical training in many areas of hotel operations are all included in the curriculum. Furthermore, the Fam-tastic program is a recognized familiarization rate for any Marriot travel agent that has completed the compulsory excellence training. Another popular perk, though, is FAM travel.

Fam Travel

Fam trips are another way to have fun as a Marriott travel agent. Also, you will get the opportunity to access the company facilities and enjoy the services that the hotel or resort will provide. During these trips, travel agents will have the chance to meet new customers and provide help to them. Importantly, whenever you book personal travel as a Marriot travel agent using the Fam-tastic program you will also get a Marriott travel agent rate. The discount can sometimes reach 50%, but for the majority of properties, it will often be between 15% and 45%.

How to Book a Fam-Tastic Rate

In other to book a Famtastic rate, all registered travel agents can book reservations using the Travel Agent Dashboard or Also, these Famtastic Marriott travel agent rate entitled to a single room, per booking. In addition, you have a duration of 4 nights for each stay, and you can’t stay more than once at the same property.

How to Book a Marriott Travel Agent Rate

You can book a Marriott travel agent rate using the Travel Agent Rate Page or go to the Marriott booking page. Also, you can use the Marriott travel agent code to book a room for yourself. For instance, you can enter 7TA to search for travel rates. 

Marriott Travel Agent Portals

Below is the list of various Marriot travel agent portals for your login or registration

  • Hotel Excellence: to access the hotel excellence website visit
  • MI partner privileges: if this is your first time visiting MI partners, then click on the first timer/register tab. Also, follow the steps to log in to your email and create a new MI partner password
  • To book FamTastic hotels: click the book FamTastic link or visit

Who Is Eligible for Marriott Fam-Tastic Rate?

A Marriott travel agent is eligible for the Marriott Fam-tastic rate, which is used for individual travel. Also, a basic travel agent rate will be reserved by any registered travel agent. However, in other, for you to book the Fam-tastic travel agent deal you will have to also do the following:

  • Complete the latest continuing education training
  • Complete the hotel’s excellent, Core training
  • Make sure you update your profile
  • US advisors must also have a valid AITAN VER or CLIA EMBARC ID added to their hotel’s excellent profile.

How Much of a Discount Do Travel Agents Get With Marriott?

Importantly, whenever you book personal travel as a Marriott travel agent using the Fam-tastic program, you will also get the Marriott travel agent rate. The discount can sometimes reach 50%, but for the majority of properties, it will often be between 15% and 45%.

Can I Get Marriott Points if I Book Through a Travel Agent?

No, when you book through a travel agent, you won’t get points. Another example is that a lot of hotel chains won’t give you points, such as Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG. In other words, it’s better you book Marriott directly so you can’t get your points.

Are Hotels Cheaper Through a Travel Agent?

Actually, they are not cheap. In fact, when you book through a travel agent, they will definitely charge you a lot. 

How Much Does It Cost to Buy 10,000 Marriott Points?

You can buy 10,000 Marriott points for $70. 

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FAQs for Marriott Travel Agent

Why use a travel agent instead of booking online?

5 reasons for using a travel agent 

  • They can make travel arrangements for you by organizing your flights, lodging, transportation, tours, and visas.
  • Travel agents help you get familiar with your travel location you don’t know
  • A travel agent will ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your trip.
  • Also, they have more connections when it comes to getting travel deals and bonus
  • In other to know what is good for you a travel agent read reviews online, unlike you having to read through all those reviews

How much does it cost to buy 1,000 Marriott points?

In addition, you can buy Marriott points for $12.50 each. Also, this means that a point costs 1.25 cents,  which, depends on your travel.

What Is the 15 5 Rule at Marriott?

When clients are within 15 feet, employees are encouraged to smile and make eye contact with them. Also, when clients are within five feet, staff members greet them immediately.