TRENDS OF MARKETING: Digital and Social Media Trends

digital, current, and social media trends of marketing

The marketing field is as airy as a bird. For marketers of any experience level, keeping up with these developments will be challenging. But if you want to succeed in the fast-paced world of marketing and maintain your audience’s interest in you, staying one step ahead of them is crucial. As you develop a strong short-term plan, keep in mind your long-term objectives. Although no one can accurately predict the state of marketing in the future, experts in the area can offer sharp analysis and well-thought-out speculation about some of the possibilities.

What will be the most significant developments in digital marketing in 2023? Read on to get more insight into digital and social media current marketing trends.

What Is Marketing Trend?

Anything that changes the market your company operates in is a market trend. This might include something as expansive as artificial intelligence technology, fleeting as consumer preferences, or sector-specific as new regulations. In fact, there’s a good chance that several market trends are having an impact on your company at once right now.

Why is it crucial to stay current with market trends and advancements? Well, that’s how you develop and maintain a competitive edge. It is said that “growth is optional, but change is inevitable.” Although the pace of change in areas like technology or regulations cannot be stopped, you can take steps by bringing in the trends of marketing in order to advance.

Newness is the key to trends. Brands that lack freshness are similar to memory foam mattresses or lukewarm baths in that they can provide a comfortable atmosphere but lack depth and engagement. Trends offer a wonderful chance to strengthen your brand story and express your creativity because of this. Any brand strategy’s ultimate goal is to maintain audience engagement and foster brand loyalty. And one excellent way to do that is by following trends. Let’s delve deeper into the reasons trends are crucial in marketing.

The importance of maintaining brand consistency cannot be overstated, particularly in this day and age when digital marketing has become such a buzzword. But it can be challenging to maintain a brand fully current amid all the changes and developments brought forth by digital marketing. In the end, they will enrich the brand story and aid in keeping you in your audience’s minds.

Each brand strives to establish an adequate context to influence consumer perceptions and encourage brand loyalty. As a result, every strategic choice it makes reflects the brand guidelines that can be linked to the brand manifesto. Trends offer brands a significant opportunity to strengthen their brand identity and maintain relevance in front of their audience because firms are unable to consistently express their ideology.

Brands must adjust to the preferences of their customers and potential customers if they want to stay relevant. And the best way to do this is to stay current with fashion. Businesses must make sure that their brand is represented and promoted at the forefront of these trends as their digital footprint expands.

Therefore, brands must make sure that their attempts to position their brands are in line with contemporary values and beliefs. This is done for service delivery and reputation management in addition to marketing. Trends offer unmistakable guidance and are an excellent approach for organizations to identify the present and future direction of their brand.

The Five Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2023.

#1. Social Impact Strategy at the Forefront.

One of the digital marketing trends is the social impact strategy at the forefront. There is nothing new about brands standing up for their values. However, prioritizing their impact strategy in their digital marketing strategy reflects a change in how brands are positioning themselves in response to major world events.

Additionally, we’re not just referring to responding to societal upheaval or political events. Customers prefer companies that take action in a genuine and thoughtful way, focusing on the principles and values they uphold.

The “next generation” of consumers is more than just that. The youths are the current generation, and in 2021, they represented more than 40% of US consumers with $143 billion in purchasing power.

In addition to their impressive power as consumers, Gen Zers are setting new standards for how we perceive and engage with brands, largely through platforms that cater to young people, like TikTok. They choose to connect only with the brands that genuinely appeal to their interests and communication style after seeing through traditional marketing tricks. The Gen Z generation wants businesses to be truthful, open, real, and authentic.

Not just Gen Zers are seeking a deeper connection with brands. Almost everyone is looking for light relief in their daily lives, including how they relate to brands, given the most recent events in the world. The identities must, of course, feel authentic and relevant to your business as a whole. A wonderful technique to build loyalty through your digital marketing is to provide a nice, approachable face that your target audience can identify with.

We are relocating to a location that is more authentic, grungy, and unpolished. Customers want to be reminded that the individuals behind the businesses are experiencing similar things. They want to connect more deeply and personally with your brand identity.

#4. Marketing that puts audio first

Being one of the digital marketing trends. The influence TikTok has on the field of digital marketing cannot be overstated. However, one of the most interesting outcomes it’s had on the market is the increase of audio-first content. This in particular is the result of TikTok’s marketing as a social network for audio-based content of all kinds rather than just video.

Users are eight times more likely to remember branded content when distinctive sounds are used, with 90% of users believing that sound is an essential component of the platform’s experience. We see a lot of internet advertisements that are audio-first, including how-to videos, product highlights and teasers, behind-the-scenes photos, and more.

Audio-first content can significantly boost advertising’s authenticity. 81% of podcast listeners who hear audio ads on their favorite podcasts take action. This could include doing further research online based on what they heard, loving the brand on social media, or sharing what they learned with others.

Speaking about immersing viewers in commercials, AV technology integration is increasingly becoming a crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy. In a sea of static imagery online, brand visuals that engage several senses provide users with a more remarkable, lasting experience. When viewers look forward to seeing your material, you can develop brand loyalty and take pleasure in being recognized as the brand.

What then can AV technology do for digital marketing content? As more powerful technology is apparently becoming more accessible, consumer expectations are reportedly growing. As key things or limited-edition collaborations become more popular, brands are increasingly going above and beyond.

For users, this entails creating engaging, informative, and immersive mini-sites. They typically apply “gamification,” which is the practice of rewarding site visitors for clicking on and browsing around particular CTAs.  Digital marketing that is static will be obsolete by 2023.

The list of Top Trends in 2022 includes

  • Video Advertising
  • The king is still content.
  • Maximizing data’s power
  • Content on social media
  • Virtual occasions
  • Using influencers
  • Personalization

List of Top Marketing Trends of 2023

#1. Influencer Marketing Will Become a Widespread Marketing Strategy.

In 2022, influencer marketing truly took off, and we forecast that this trend would continue into 2023. Why? 89% of marketers who use influencer marketing will grow or keep their investment in it in the coming year. Additionally, 17% of marketers want to make their first investment in it the following year.

#2. Content from Video Advertisers Will be Brief.

The short-form video has revolutionized the marketing industry, and we believe it will continue to do so in 2023. A startling 90% of marketers that already use short-form video anticipate expanding or maintaining their investment in it in the coming year, while 1 in 5 marketers expect to use it for the first time in 2023.

#3. Social Media Will be Used as a Tool for Customer Support.

Utilizing social media as a tool for customer care is gradually gaining popularity, even though it is still a relatively new idea. So much so that 15% of marketers aim to use direct messaging (DMs) for the first time in 2023, and more than a quarter already use DMs to provide customer help. Concurrent with the emergence of this trend is the growth of e-commerce services on several social media networks, most notably Facebook and Instagram. Customer service on these platforms will thus be much more important.

#4. SEO Will be Used by More Companies to Increase Search Traffic.

In order to produce both long-term and short-term visitor returns, it is our obligation as marketers to ensure that both our websites and content are discoverable, particularly on Google. Despite the fact that SEO is not a new idea, modern marketing strategies are increasingly utilizing their approaches.

When it comes to the trend on which marketers will spend the most money in 2023, SEO comes in third place, trailing only influencer marketing and short-form video. Additionally, 88% of marketers who employ SEO techniques intend to raise or maintain their investment in 2023, which is a slight rise over the previous year (84%).

#5. The Importance of Mobile Optimization Will Increase.

Customers are spending more time on their mobile devices. In fact, tablets and other mobile devices make up more than half of all yearly internet traffic. As millennials and Gen Z customers continue to expand their purchasing power, mobile-optimized digital experiences will become even more crucial for company owners that appeal to these fast-paced, highly connected generations.

List of the top 5 social media marketing trends we expect to see making waves in 2023.

Jumping on trends was a crucial growth tactic for TikTok and Instagram in 2022. However, relying solely on popular music is going out of style in 2023. We anticipate businesses and producers will include more unique content in their entire strategy in order to stand out.

Video content is already transitioning towards informal, spontaneous storytelling, moving away from longer-form vlogs and towards no-frills conversations on niche topics. Making your video stand out in a sea of imitations is now the challenge. Therefore, we anticipate a growth in the number of businesses and producers that use well-known sounds to launch their own “trends” and give them a personal touch.

#2. An increase in LinkedIn Creators

This is one of the “Social Media Marketing Trends.” What makes it one of the social media trends to watch in 2023, then? engaging organically, in two words. Creators are using the platform, adding personality to their posts, and establishing themselves as authorities in their fields.

Even more LinkedIn “Power Users” are engaging ghostwriters to publish articles for their devoted following. It could be time to revisit LinkedIn if you’ve previously ignored it. You can organize and publish your LinkedIn content in advance using Later’s LinkedIn Scheduling tool. Open an account right now.

#3. Keyword Search and SEO Takes Center Stage.

Another among the social media marketing trends is the Keyword Search and SEO. Instead of utilizing Google, almost half of Gen Z prefers to search on TikTok and Instagram. This implies that optimizing your articles with keywords is more crucial than ever if you want your material to be found.

This modification represents the evolution of online topic searches in a larger sense. Users desire a more exploratory experience with selected viewpoints and unique insights (think TikTok storytelling and honest reviews on Reddit). Make a list of the keywords you want your brand to rank for when developing your 2023 social strategy, and be sure to frequently produce social content around those keywords.

#4. Instagram Increases Support for Artists

Also one of the social media marketing trends. There is a lot of talk about Instagram being “done,” even among younger generations, but we wouldn’t write it off in 2023. Between others? The app is still used each month by more than 1 billion users.  The longevity of Instagram will depend on its capacity to entice (and retain) artists, even though the average user may have some difficulties.

Creator-specific features started to appear in 2022, and we expect them to continue to grow in 2023. For more Instagram predictions, see 10 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2023.

The idea of delivering a tale midway rather than at the beginning is one trend we’ve noticed in 2022 that we predict will catch on in 2023. It’s the perfect hook, whether you’re decoding a hot topic or sharing a sound bite that will make viewers stop what they’re doing and want to play catch-up. The best illustration is the @nolitadirtbag account. Its unidentified author publishes sarcastic jokes for extremely specialized New York-based fashion circles.

Even though not everyone gets the joke, the page is rapidly expanding because people want in. This storytelling technique prompts the audience to look a little further to understand what is happening. Making someone feel a little FOMO is a great way to catch their attention. 

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