LEADERSHIP TRANSITION: How Helpful Is Leadership Transition


Leadership transition takes different forms. Looking at what is going on today in a typical organization, a lot of leaders are taking on new leadership transition roles every day. which is a normal, tremendous transition and has a lot of impacts on the organization and personal life. Evidently, this piece will focus mainly on leadership transition plan and example. We will also discuss on leadership transition checklist and institute.

What Is Leadership Transition?

Leadership transition refers to a shift in the roles that leaders perform. These changes can result from promotion from an assistant to a manager and the building of organizational policies. It is also a change in the organization, such as leaving one company and joining another. From being a functional worker to becoming a head. Furthermore, a leadership transition can also occur when a person is transferred from one role to another by another individual. Depending on where you work, leadership transitions arise differently.

Also, according to research, leaders should expect to be in transition for between four and seventeen months. Many leaders assume new roles every day if we look at what is happening in a typical company. It has a significant impact on your organization and is a very normal transition.

Transition is stressful and exhausting. I know sometimes you feel tired and confused, and other times you feel like giving up, but this is just your period of transition. Secondly, moving into a new organization where you don’t know their mode of work, attitude, and how they are doing things can be challenging. Also, learning to operate as a new leader is a skill that actually didn’t make you a successful transition. Some people move from the board of directors to executive officers for the first time in the biggest owned multinational companies in the world, and this may be challenging. But that is exactly what transition does. Also, It takes you from one level to another, which requires a lot of work. The ability for you to transform your position into a manager is what makes you a true leader.

How Helpful Is Leadership Transition?

If you are a leader in transition, there are directors of board transitions, even parents in transition. Sometimes, if you take people in an organization, almost everybody is impacted at some point in time by another person’s transformation. Furthermore, if you take a look at the transition impact on organizations, it is very large, and if you can just pick one of those leadership transformations up a bit, it can have a huge impact and be responsible even in the workplace. Lastly, it is important that organizations focus on using leadership transition to boost the performance of their organization. 

There are a few difficulties in the executive transition, including:

  • The need to immediately reveal a new strategy
  • There is a time to fall back on old formats that were effective in earlier positions.
  • Acting without giving relationship-building time a chance.
  • Absence of widely shared, precise expectations for their function
  • Deciding who should remain or leave the team.
  • Also working as a team instead of as an individual
  • Getting used to how things are being done

Leadership Transition Success.

Being a successful leader in transition is a great feeling and is very important in carrying out your transition roles. Also, for you to succeed in taking over responsibilities in your organization, you have to consider the following:

  • Learn to manage your mind; there are times you will feel anxious, confused, and stressed about your new transition. Go on and build a positive mindset to lead.
  • Be eager to learn: try to learn new things and talk to other leaders who have been there before you. Don’t keep to yourself; be exposed to learning.
  • Be confident; tell yourself you can lead your new team. This will build more confidence in you.
  • Be able to communicate: As a leader transitions, you have to know that people love to be communicated with; they want to know the new business plans, new ideals, and way forward.

Transition Plan

A transition leadership plan has to do with the form of complete structure a leader in transition intends to use in their new management roles. Planning the leadership transition plan includes laying out the procedure for the coming and outgoing leaders. Let’s look at what a leadership transition plan looks like.


  • Communication: This is one of the key examples of successful leadership transition planning. As a leader, you can’t do things on your own. Also, you need to reach out to other partners in your organization, especially experts in your field. This helps you have a successful transition plan.
  • The right mindset:  Also, learn to manage your mind. Sometimes you will feel anxious, confused, and stressed about your new transition. Go on and build a positive mindset to lead to a good leadership transition plan example.
  • Plan to adapt: A leader in a transition must adjust to the new working environment, the team, the clients, and their responsibilities. Just accept the new leadership transition example plan and move on. Also, I know you will imagine in your mind how to cope with the work responsibilities and the people around you, but it is very important that you have a plan to adapt so you can have a successful transition.
  • Take action: As a leader, a bad transition can threaten your organization’s ability to continue fulfilling its mission if you don’t have a plan for acting when necessary. Without a plan, your organization will suffer financial hardship. You may experience higher turnover in other staff positions, which can mean you lose leadership and organizational impact.
  •  Have a list of documents: In particular, a successful leadership transition plan example comes with having a list of names of documents you are working on. Transitioning brings a lot of responsibilities, and in order to remember and have full details and easy access to what you are working on, have a document.

Leadership Transition Checklist

Change is constant and inevitable. Although a lot of activities take place at the workplace, and as a new leader in a leadership transition checklist, you have to make this change and make sure everyone is involved in it.  The nature of the leadership transition checklist is different depending on where you work.

Let’s consider the following leadership transition checklist:

  • Make use of the 90-day working standard. This will help you in your transition to check if you are still on track and to meet your target.
  • Now, as a leader in transition, you need proper coaching from other experts in related fields so that you can gain more knowledge about your leadership role.
  • A program needs to be organized for the new leader and the others that have been affected by the transition in order to be on the same page as to what needs to be done as a team and department. Also, this program should aim at bringing in the new leader as the head and as a member of the team.

Leadership Transition Institute

The Leadership Transition Institute provides help in teaching and helping those leaders in change. Furthermore, let’s consider the following transition institutes and their locations.

  • Leader Transition Institute: This institute is based in Georgia, and its program is aimed at assisting leaders, veterans, and families in transition. Also, prepare and walk with people who are making changes in their lives. The Leader Transition Institute 
  • Legacy leadership institute: This institution for higher learning is mainly for experts to help create a visible and central place for leadership transition.
  • Transformational leader:  Transformational leadership is an institute to predict the effects of leadership transition from the University of Putra, located in Malaysia. Also, this institute plays a very important role in the transformation of higher institutions into various academic departments.


In conclusion, a transition is a necessity. As leaders in the work environment, they are entitled to a change in position at some point in their careers. Although transformation is stressful and exhausting, trust me, it is a call any leader will answer. It is important to know that a bad transition can ruin the growth of your organization and your career as a leader. Also, take time to study the various institutions, the transition checklist, and how to become a successful leader in transition.

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FAQs about leadership transition


  1. It gives room for renovation and creativity in an organization or business.
  2. It gives a leader more responsibilities to learn and know things.
  3. It gives leaders more knowledge and ideas and brings more growth to the workplace.
  4. Leadership transition brings more leadership skills to others under the new leadership position.


  1. Have a plan ahead of time.
  2. Schedule meetings on different occasions.
  3. Try to be a coach to the people you are leading.
  4. Teach and educate them.
  5. Be fair and sincere with your decision or policies.


  1. Decision-making for a new team.
  2. Getting to adapt to the new work environment and coping with people’s mode of work and attitude.
  3. Being so lonely and self-isolation
  4. Stress and anxiety.